Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Erdogan in Cairo : Day “3” is as busy as Day “2”

Erdogan third day was busy one as his 2nd day in Cairo mash Allah , the man has met everybody except may be Mubarak and the icons of his regime !!
Today the Turkish prime minister met four potential presidential candidates “ ElBaradei , Abu El Fatouh , Moussa and Sabhi”. He also met with Pope Shnouda III at the Cathedral as well a delegation from the Muslim brotherhood. He signed more agreements with Essam Sharaf and addressed bunch of Egyptian businessmen at the Egyptian Turkish Economic forum before heading to re-inaugurating the Turkish Culture Center “Yunus Emre” in Cairo. During the re-inauguration of the Turkish culture center in Dokki , Erdogan addressed the Egyptian youth members of “UFUQ” and I was lucky to attend the speech.
“UFUQ” is an initiative between Egypt and Turkey , from couple of months ago a group of Egyptian youth traveled to Turkey and met with officials there. “UFUQ” is working on mutual projects between the two countries based on youth’s initiatives.  The Egyptian youth part included Youth from independent activists ,liberal activists,April 6th Youth “Ahmed Maher and Asama Mahfouz were there" as well as Islamists and Muslim brotherhood members.I do not know if there are leftist activists or not in this group.

Here is the interesting points in Erodgan’s speech :
  • It was a half hour speech or more , the man did not read from a paper.
  • Erdogan spoke at first about the AKP’s partisan experience starting from the name of AKP itself and what AK as abbreviation meant in Turkish to the local councils elections. 
  • The women membership in AKP is the biggest among other parties in Turkey. The woman’s vote is extremely important.
  • Our Elections in Egypt insh Allah will be in November !!
  • The agreements he signed with the Egyptian government will be for the future and beyond the elections.
  • The most important countries in the East of Mediterranean is Egypt and Turkey , together both countries will silent Israel.
  • Turkey is trying to solve some problem in its educational system to allow having more students in Al Azhar not only in the university stage but in the secondary stage as well.
  • What we should fight : Corruption, Poverty , Restriction on freedom of expression.
  • His advice to the Egyptians : No division , be united based on your common , economic problems can be solved , security is an extreme issue.
  • He mentioned something about our sources , especially about Oil which Turkey does not have from what I understand
  • He advised married couple to have 3 kids , Suzanne Mubarak used to tell us have 2 kids.
Erdogan came along with his wife and his daughter Somaia who was very friendly people. The AKP Youth were there as well. There were 7 ministers with him including Ahmet Davutoğlu who was very friendly with the Egyptian youth.
Side Remarks :
  • Erdogan did not read from a paper or from a screen or anything.
  • He mentioned the lyrics of the song he once sang on Turkish TV.
  • Bad organizing and Erdogan was very late , about 150 minutes !!
  • The convey of Erdogan was huge but let’s remember we are speaking about a prime minister and seven ministers
  • No questions were allowed , already there was no time for this.
  • There are women bodyguards in Erdogan’s security and Turkey’s 777 is called “C.T.A”
  • For some reason there was no Egyptian TV or media covering the event as it should and this amazes me because the Turks covered it whether TV or reporters.
  • Erdogan is currently staying at the Andulus Palace in Cairo , what is the history of that palace !? He is not the first distinguished guest to stay there !!
  • The Culture center brought an oriental ensemble to receive Erdogan.
  • The light went off while Erdogan was speaking.
  • “UFUQ” means Horizon and Yunus Emru is a famous Sufi Poet from Turkey.
I must thank the wonderful sweet Lina for giving me this opportunity as well as Mohamed Dahshan . I really hoped that Erdogan came on time so Mr. Zaid Aly as well as Mahmoud Salem “Sandmonkey” would attend his speech.
Today I did not see Erdogan face to face only but I also met couple of wonderful Egyptian activists who are really trying hard to change their country for better and insh Allah they will succeed in doing so.
May Allah bless the soul of my grandfather and other late old members of the Egyptian Turkish Friendship Association “Founded in 1970s” , they missed the Egyptian revolution , AKP and Erdogan after decades of disappointments from old Turkish governments that hated Arab world and the Mubarak regime that only cared for nothing.
I am so tired , I need a good sleep but before I would go I would like to say to Talaat Sadat : STFU and you will never be Anwar Sadat 2.


  1. An egyptian blogger called @Mostafa_ARaouf just told me he thinks israelis are not human beings but pigs. Do you believe that, Zeinobia?

    Do you see why I see the antisemitic poison as the problem?

    And Jason, don't give me "culture", please :)

  2. Ahavat Eretz Israel9/15/2011 09:23:00 PM

    Mostafa talks rubbish.

    It is the other way around. Arabs are no human beings. Look at all those acts of terror. Would humans do that? NO!


  3. @Eretz-shmeretz

    Totally dehumanizing a large group of people, thats exactly what our fuckin german nazi grandparents did with the jews back then.
    Maybe you could think about it in a cruel moment, though I'm in doubt if ure intelectual capable to do so.


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