Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome back Ahmed Gharib

Ahmed Gharib is from the January 25th revolution injured , today he returned back home from months of treatment abroad.
Gharib at the airport earlier today
 He received treatment in Switzerland and Austria for months and today he returned back to Egypt , to Cairo to be received warmly by his people who did not  and will not forget how his blood and the blood of other injured and martyrs brought to Egypt dignity once again.

Gharib was from the first wave that went to Tahrir square on January 25th to scream down with the regime. He returned again on January 28th among thousands and thousands to show the world our day of wrath.
Dr. Ahmed Gharib was ran over by a CSF vehicle , he suffered from 7 fractures in the skull along with cerebral laceration leading him to a coma for 8 days.
Here are the photos of Dr. Gharib before recovery.
Gharib in hospital 
The injuries in Gharib's face 
Where is the CSF officer or that soldier that ran over Dr. Gharib ? How does the minister of interior feel when he sees the face of Gharib today in the Night talk shows and tomorrow in the newspapers !? How do other policemen feel when they saw his face and read this story !?
I know insh Allah our revolution will not be deviated from its goals.

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  1. Thank You & bless You Zeinobia for this post. and Love & Light & many blessings for Dr Gharib.
    It is critical that those who did this be brought to justice, but it would be wondrous if Dr Gharib were to become the face of the new Egypt.
    Then he would truly triumph over evil.

    I Am in great admiration of Your relentless pursuit of a better world.


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