Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And Egyptians are once again nominated to get Nobel Prize

Some European president once said that the Egyptian people deserve a Nobel Prize , well it seems that we are going to be nominated after all.

Today there are leaks from the Nobel peace prize committee that Wael Ghonim, Israa Abdel Fatah and April 6th Youth movement as well Tunisian blogger Lina Ben Mhenni.

I am so happy and honored as Egyptian and as an Arab, this nomination is not for these guys only , this nomination is for all Egyptians , Tunisians as well as the rest of the Arab people who gave their blood and effort to make the Arab Spring true thing.

Egyptians received Nobel prize for 4 times in peace , chemistry and literature , we will not hate to receive one more time. 

Now some people start in attacking Ghonim , Abdel Fatah and April 6th Youth Movement , well guess what they did not ask to be nominated and they know that it is so big for them and thus all of them agree that they are representative for the Egyptians people.

Now the million dollars question : If these guys win the prize , who will go from April 6th Movement Youth knowing that it is split in to two fronts that confuse us now with their statements and actions.

Let’s enjoy the moment and insh Allah in the upcoming years we will have more and more nominees in the Nobel prize not only in peace but in every field especially science fields.

And yes the rules of Nobel Prize should be changed to include the dead because Khaled Said , Mohamed Bouazizi and Youssef El Khatib  deserve it.

I am so happy and I wish Wael, Lena , Israa and April 6 “I hope they return to be one” to win because if they do win “insh Allah they will” , I will feel personally that I win this prize for my country and for my people.

This is our moment , please enjoy it and feel that you did something great and huge for God sake.

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