Tuesday, October 25, 2011

After Qaddafi : And Mubarak is in critical condition “Supposedly”

In the old good days in 1990s 
Ok for 3 days there are strong rumors that Mubarak’s health has been deteriorating rapidly especially after knowing the news of Qaddafi’s dreadful end especially in the past 24 hours.
First we knew that Mubarak broke down after knowing the news of Qaddafi. I do not know if he watched the videos or not but he just cried. Personally I believed that the news affected him in a way or another.
Tahrir News did it again and claimed yesterday that Mubarak got this virus that literally eats his brain and is being given Interferon which I know as a treatment for hepatitis “C” !! Oddly enough HVC is the most common disease in time of Mubarak !!
Hours later his doctor Dr. Yasser Abdel Kader denied the news along his lawyer Fareed El Deeb who claimed that his client was fine. “After claiming in the trial he was dying !!”
Al Ahram Newspaper sent a SMS this afternoon claimed that he suffered a cardiac arrest then later in its official news gate denied the news !!
Later at 8 PM Tahrir News published in its website again a news related to Mubarak’s health claiming that the virus in his brain could not be identified !!
Now at 10 :56 PM Cairo local time according to Tahrir news Suzanne Mubarak has visited her sons while wearing black from short time ago in Tora prison and the visit according to insider was sad. “Of course may be she was wearing black because she went to present her condolences to some Saudi royal family member or even presenting her condolences to Qaddaf El Dam , the cousin of Qaddafi. It is worth to mention”
And Amr Adeeb currently is asking what kind of funeral Mubarak will have while some tweeps are swearing his funeral  in to a blood bath if SCAF dares and thinks of giving him a military funeral. Adeeb believes the Russia Today’s correspondent in Cairo who claims that Mubarak is in critical condition and is being transferred to ICU.
On the other hand we got sources say that he is more that fine.
Again and again Mubarak is not that young man and we are going to die. In fact some people believe that SCAF is waiting for his death to survive one of the biggest challenges it faces : The Mubarak trial.
I can’t make fun from the news because honestly at 6 PM I did not believe what was written in the websites but then I heard that he was very sick and it could be matters of days , there is no smoke without fire. Of course when it comes to death and fate , I can die before Mubarak.
Anyhow back to Qaddafi , well the man who used to hang his opponents’ corpses for days and months is going to buried to unknown place tomorrow Tuesday according to the NTC. Here is a HD video for Qaddafi’s capture.
Raw Video : Gaddafi’s capture
It seems that Seif Al Islam has escaped again vowing to avenge for his dad’s murder.
Seif Al Islam is alive and kicking
Algeria will not give up the Qaddafis to Libya except with neogitations with the UN.
Human rights organizations are now raising questions marks on how the POWs are being treated in Libya and it is not about Qaddafi only.
The Libyan embassy in Egypt found a whole cache in the embassy’s basement in Zamelak full of weapons including guns with suppressors. According to the NTC’s diplomats these weapons were used to assassinate the colonel Qaddafi’s opponents.
Speaking about weapons Germany is having an investigation about how 608 Heckler & Koch G36 originally were sold to Egypt in 2003 reached to the hands of Seif El Islam’s men. It is an old news from August 2011 by the way.
To be honest I will not be surprised to know that this deal was done originally from Libya in the first place where Egypt or rather Mubarak or his sons were the middlemen in the deal without the knowledge of the German government and and even without the knowledge of Heckler and Koch. “I highly doubt it”
Now remembering Mubarak and Qaddafi best moments , here is the their famous feud during the Kuwait invasion’s urgent summit in 1990.
1990 : Mubarak Vs. Qaddafi
This was how those idiot dictators used to discuss in the secret session , they are fighting over the destiny of millions !!
Of course now I remember how Qaddafi said after the ousting of Mubarak on how he was poor and how he used to help him with money and clothes !!
The Mubaraks with Qaddafi in early 90s based on
Gamal Mubarak's hair !!


  1. Yes, I just read about that on another blog, complete with pictures. So much for democracy, and human rights when it comes to the Arab world. There will never be democracy in any Arab country. The people are barbarians. Sorry if the truth hurts :-P

  2. And I thought dragging Mubarak into court on a hospital bed was inhumane. Sheesh!

    Animals is the only word to describe them not revolutionaries.

  3. The best outcome the SCAF would like to see is the demise of Mubarak from 'natural' causes while in prison.

  4. Barbarians?!

    HA! ROFLMAO! I just say: Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse!

    What miserable hypocrites the West has born! I soooo admire your precious democracy and how much you uphold human rights (at least as far as it suits you)!

  5. Abu Gharaib wasn't torture. It was humiliating, but not torture. What happened to Khled Said was torture. You see any of that at Abu Gharaib? No one was beaten, let alone beyond recognition and no one died. Arab countries and their police and rag tag soldiers wrote the book on torture.

  6. @Anonymous 10/27/2011 02:46:00 AM

    Yeah you are right sunshine, and all that photos that are posted all over the internet showing prison guards chasing dogs on the prisoners, hanging them are fake and of course there were beatings.
    George and his buddy Dick admitted that they ordered torture and THAT THEY WOULD DO IT AGAIN!

    Don't try to pin torture on the Arabs only. Everybody tortures it is just you hypocrites who do not want admitting it.

  7. No, it was torture but what kinda justification is that Islamist?...

    Abu Gharib was wrong
    Italians lynching Mussolini was wrong
    Rebels sodomizing and torturing Qaddafi was wrong

    Just because civilized, developed countries committed atrocities like this doesn't not make this right or any less barbaric.

  8. Yeah Mo, like I am sure that they were scared for their lives, the big baddies at Abu. They send people to blow themselves up, but can't take a little water boarding or a barking dog. There is being humiliated and then there is torture where you are disfigured and afraid for your life! There is a difference. I am sure Gadaffi would have much rather been captured by Western forces than by ass obsessed Arab forces. Same with the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Canadians can't hand them over to the Afghans. Hell, the British can't send hate-filled murderous Muslim criminals back to where they came from for the same reason. Why don't we see Arab and Muslim refugees streaming into their own countries instead of European and North American countries???? Well, maybe now they can all flock to the Islamic countries of Tunisia and Libya where their human rights will now be respected, LOL.


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