Thursday, October 13, 2011

Black Sunday : And SCAF spoke at last "Updated"

SCAF hold an international press conference today , all TV networks and reporters were invited to this press conference in order to clarify what happened last Sunday from their side.
SCAF knows it is in deep trouble , really deep trouble and it needs to get out of it for the sake of the army yet amazingly they did not get out this trouble with this presser if they did not go deeper and deeper.
Today we were introduced to another member in SCAF : Major General Adel Amara , I do not know anything about him except that the minister of defense’s aide. It is not the first time he appears in the media as he spoke before in a public conference in North Sinai with the locals there. 
Major General Mohamed Hegazy accompanied Amara in the press conference. Hegazy is considered from the moderate voices in SCAF when it comes to media compared for instance to Mamdouh Shahin , still he was not that moderate in the press conference despite his introduction.
The introduction of the Hegazy was quite impressive on how every human in Egypt is considered an Egyptian regardless of his religion or  race or gender and the armed forces are owned by the Egyptian people and are from the Egyptian people. Amara also hinted to the fact all army officers learn in the war school that the first martyr from the armed forces in the October 1973 war is Shafik Matri. I forgot to say that they expressed their condolences to the martyrs and the injured at the beginning of the press conference.
It was nice start but introduction was something and the core of the subject is another thing.
In nutshell :
  • The major generals accused Christian priests along with George Isahak of igniting hatred and violence. They showed videos for Isahak’s call to some TV show as well the videos of Priests Flopateer and Matis. Priest Flopateer’s clip showed him calling for occupying Maspero which the major generals considered as open invitation to occupy a very extreme vital building “He denied in Night Talk shows claiming that he meant people should have a sit only at the area in front of Maspero”. Priest Matis’ clips were the worst of all because the man clearly threatened the governor of Aswan with horrible death if he does not resign in 48 hours as well demands “ To be honest Isahak is a nervous man but if we are going to speak about sectarian problems  in Egypt now those two priests have to shut up just like radical Sheikhs , needless to say I feel bringing up these videos now will increase the sectarian sensitivity resulted from that black night.”
  • 300 Military police soldier and officers were securing Maspero building without live ammunition , only armed with riots gear. Maspero is from the top vital buildings in Egypt and any threat to storm or occupy the National TV building , SCAF takes it seriously. “Do you hear that #OccupyMaspero tweeps !?”
  • The protest from Shubra was peaceful till 6:45 PM , before that there were 700 protesters at Maspero protesting peacefully. “FYI this was the only protest authorized by MOI in Egypt since the revolution according to what I have found today”
  • At 6:45 PM the clashes started and the protesters “according to the Major Generals” attacked the military police with sticks , Molotov cocktails and rocks.
  • According to the major generals the army vehicle did not crush the protester intentionally but actually the soldiers inside the vehicle were freaked out after they were attacked by rocks and the driver found the other soldiers injured could not know what he was doing !! “What they are going to do in war !?”
  • The major generals showed video footage from TV channels including Egyptian National TV , German TV , Al Hayat TV to show how the military police was attacked by the protesters.
  • There was a footage showing a bloody injured solider
  • Another footage for an army vehicle hitting another army jeep to the confusion.
  • They showed a photo to show that live ammunition was not fired from the military police’s side , that photo was from a lamppost in Maspero showing a bullet in it. The direction of the bullet is from October 6 bridge to Maspero.
    • For the record Hegazy did not confirm or deny that there is a third party involved in the protest.
    • They did not speak nor were asked about why the military police stormed 25TV and Al Hurra TV.
    • They refused to disclose the number of victims among the military police so it will not affect the morale of the forces and create sensitivity among troops. “This is something we understand in time of war but we are not in war and some people do not believe that , we have to know the truth because they do have families” 
    • Only few reporters were allowed to ask questions and most of them are somehow biased to SCAF like Mahmoud Bakry “Mustafa Bakry’s brother as well as the military reporter in Rosa Al Youssef” and did not ask real questions except the BBC Arabic service journalist as well the Australian TV reporter who asked the best question ever.
    Who killed those protesters ? If it is not the army , then is this an intelligence failure or security failure !? Is not this a failure to your promise to protect the people.
    The answer of Hegazy was
    We do not know who killed those protesters , we are investigating the matter. It is a failure. It is the responsibility of the protests’ organizers to protect the protests.
    • SCAF is investigating the matter in military judiciary along with public prosecutors.
    • The major generals believe that it is an attempt to sabotage the democratic transfer in Egypt.
    • They also believe in foreign conspiracies.
    Side notes :
    Ismail Etman praised the coverage of the Egyptian TV  , of course he said that and the reporters and journalists went ballistic especially a fantastic lady that stood up to Etman , Ms. Rawya Rageh of Al Jazeera international. Rawya Rageh reminded the head of morale department with how the Egyptian TV incited hate towards Christians. The Major General and his aides quickly clarified that he meant only the live footage transmission and that he did meant the editorial policy which SCAF does not interfere in.
    This press conference was defensive one indeed in the worst way ever because it did not solve anything.
    I hoped that the major generals are sorry for the injured among the civilians and announcing that they are going to treat them on their expense , I hoped that they considered the victims of civilians martyrs like the armed forces’ martyrs. Of course the military mindset is hard to admit its mistakes and sins.
    It is not about safe exist anymore , it is about a true national security for a country like Egypt.
    Tomorrow the revolution youth coalition will hold a press conference with the victims’ testimonies to fire back at SCAF’s presser
    Photos tomorrow insh Allah.
    Update : 
    Here are the photos from the press conference

    Now on Thursday the victims of the families of the martyrs as well as the eye witnesses held a press conference to tell their own version of the story : The military police shot at unarmed protesters. It is a must read in order to have a full image.
    Despite Pope Shnouda III and the Orthodox Church believed there was a third party involved in the clashes , he said last Wednesday in his weekly sermon that the Christian protesters were not armed and if they were armed they were have been spotted in the rally from Shubra to Masper. The pope insisted that he will not let down the blood of the martyrs.
    Today also SCAF issued another statement after a meeting with the Prime minister who visited the Pope in the morning as well.
    SCAF again presents its condolences to the victims' families and sooner the houses of worship legalizing law will be issued 


    1. Thank you for the nice post!

    2. IMHO guarding of a demonstration is the most important and critical aspect of any demonstration where am coming from.. It's not just here but everywhere that "3rd parties" infiltrating demonstrations in order to create confusion and chaos.

    3. We are under emergency law. That is why this demonstration was illegal.

      Why should the army protect criminals? Either we learn abiding by the law or Egypt turns into a lawless disaster.

    4. Alice, a Free Egyptian10/14/2011 10:31:00 AM

      To Anonymous 8:10 PM: what's illegal is the dictatorship of the military -- their only claim to legitimacy is that they promised to protect and serve the goals of the revolution: "Freedom, Democracy and Social Justice".

      Instead, they have made Egypt into even more of an oppressive and violent police state than under Mubarak, destroying the economy and terrorizing Egyptians in the process.

      You are defending the real criminals, liars, torturers, kidnappers and thieves and defining as "criminals" citizens who are defending their legitimate rights.

      Using strange definitions of what constitutes a "criminal" and what constitutes a legitimate "law", people like you expose your hatred for the Egyptian people and your sick desire for them to remain slaves and silent victims.

      But it is you who are slaves, because you are slaves in your heart and in your mind, identifying with and applauding the oppressor.

      I pity you.

    5. Anonymous 10/13/2011 08:10:00 PM

      Dumbest comment ever.
      If you wanna make a revolution you MUST be lawless. Plain and simple thing. Get it.

    6. ... and I pity you Alice.

      Gathering 300.000 in Tahrir and have them shouting Irhal by pretending that they are a million is no democracy but a simple lie.

      Rather than working for freedom, taking down the flag of Israel and invading their embassy is no libaration but a simple stupid deviation from the goals of the revolution, that never happened.

      The economy is going down because the so-called revolution does not understand how it works. None of these new parties does even have a programme for the economy.

      Face it: there is no revolution, there never was. The military used the momentum to rid themselves of the Mubarak clique.

      Face it: you are heading straight for an islamic state, protected by the army who gets along very well with the Ihwan.

    7. It was very sad to see Mina Daniel getting killed. It was ironic that he survived 2 bullets, one during the camel incident in his shoulder and another one in his knee in Abbassia, then getting a third one in his heart at Maspero. Rest in peace my friend
      We are all Mina Daniel.

    8. @Anonymous 5:12: Is that what you were told?

      That the Egyptian revolution consisted of "Gathering 300.000 in Tahrir and have them shouting Irhal by pretending that they are a million"?

      Maybe you're confusing what happened in Egypt with the protests in Tel Aviv.

      In Egypt, millions of people came out in Alexandria alone, not to mention in every town and city south to Aswan and from Salloum in the west to Rafah in the east.

      The first martyrs were murdered in Suez, followed by Sinai. Our heroic citizens faced snipers, tear gas, the rocks and knives of hired thugs, kidnappings, being crushed to death by armored trucks, and even F-16s.

      Workers declared a nation-wide strike. People at home donated blankets, food and medical equipment and volunteer doctors set up make-shift clinics wherever there were sit-ins. Engineers set up hygienic facilities and electrical outlets to charge mobile phones and lap-tops, as well as a large screen to monitor the media coverage. Tahrir Square overflowed into every street downtown, all the way to Talaat Harb and beyond.

      It was and continues to be a people's revolution. Mubarak's Armed Forces Council pretended to switch sides and join the Egyptian people, but then betrayed their promise and the nation they were sworn to protect.

      The racist, apartheid, rogue terrorist state of Israel has always been and will always be the enemy of freedom-loving people all over the world. We knew that already.

      But the betrayal by the Armed Forces Council is a deep and painful wound that will leave scars long after we have got rid of the lying, thieving, murdering bastards.

      Now that they have unmasked themselves, it's only a matter of time before they, too, join their boss on the garbage pile of history and you Zionists will lose yet another of the "strategic treasures" that have allowed you to escape justice and accountability for your crimes.

    9. Israel is the only state in the Levant or North Africa where the majority of the citizens are happy with the system under which they live.

      Arabs hate Israel because Arab Master Race and Islamist ideologies require that society be organized so that Muslim Arabs can spit on everyone else. In Israel, alone in the mideast, they can't. Poor poor Arabs. Boo bloody hoo.

    10. Hey Alice,

      You Egyptians are just finally getting what you deserve. You are the ones in the apartheid state where the Jews were kicked out and now the new Jews, the Copts, are facing your evil, racist Islamist wrath. It is your people who will face divine justice, you racist Arab hater. The Arab countries are very good at practising gender and race base apartheid (Sudan, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Palestinians). You should stop projecting your bigotry on Israelis, the only sane and humane people in the middle east!

    11. Hey, Anonymous: I'm a Coptic woman blessed to be living and raising my children in Egypt, the country of my ancestors. It takes a diseased Zionist mind to perceive my words in support of the Egyptian people's struggle for justice and freedom as evidence of "evil, racist Islamist wrath." But that's your shame and your problem, not ours.

      Like most Egyptians, I love my country and my people with all my heart and mind. We want only to see our people (and all Arabs, and all others) united, prosperous, free and strong against those who would prey on us and oppress us -- whatever their nationality or religion.

      My "wrath" is directed only against hatemongers like you, who wish us ill and tell us that violence, sorrow and dispossession are "what we deserve".

      May God grant each of us exactly what we wish for others. Maybe then it will become obvious even to you, just who is projecting what. Amen.

    12. Al,

      If I weren't an atheist, I would see the Palestinians as having received a judgment from God Him/Her/Itself. Desperate Jews, fleeing from the killing fields of Europe arrive in Palestine. Instead of offering refuge, the Arabs resolve to kill them and steal their few rags. Stealing from Jews is such a great, holy idea, that Arabs in Cairo and Baghdad, and Aleppo, and Tripoli, and Fez and decide to rob and expel their Jews. It's a Great Day for the Arab Race and Arab religion. The Jews regroup and organize for self-defense. Within a very few years, the Palestinians are refugees in rags, and the rest of the Arabs are killing one another in the streets. It's exactly like a story from the Bible; a story about a bad accursed people.

      But then, I'm an atheist. So all of the talk about "shaheeds" and "God's will" and "Cleansed Lands of the Arab Race and gods" is creepy-awful.

    13. Alice,

      I'd say that you are facing divine justice now :-)) You are a racist who is living in a shit hole. I don't care if you are a Copt. Some of the worst Jew-haters I have met on the internet are Copts. Not all, but some. There is something very horrible about Arab and Muslim societies. You are supremacist of the worst kind. The Iranians persecute the Ba'hai. The Turks and every many Arab country persecute the Kurds. The Syrians finally just gave them citizenship. The Arabs in Sudan are committing genocide agains the blacks and the Copts were more virulent in their anti-semitism against Egypts Jews before their were stripped of their belongings and kicked out. So the Palestinians lost their land? Boo fucking hoo. Maybe they and the surrounding Arabs shouldn't have tried to exterminate them in war after war. Karma is a bitch isn't it? Instead of hating Israel you should emulate them. Then maybe you your life would improve. G-d said he would bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel and right now you all are cursed. Learn from it dumbo. Just like the Syrian protesters who had signs asking Israel to occupy them, you will wish for it too when you get your Islamist government. Divine justice!

    14. You're an atheist, but you peddle really stupid fairy tales.

      You must know, deep inside, that the reality of what Zionism is, and what Israel does, are unjustifiable; why else would you resort to such outrageous and transparent lies to defend them?

      According to declassified Israeli documents and the eyewitness testimony of the Israelis themselves, the Jewish immigrants went on a savage looting rampage, stealing everything they could grab from Palestinians fleeing Zionist massacres and horrific bombings and other terrorist acts.

      The Zionists took everything the Palestinians owned: from factories and farms and bank accounts to jewelry, to homes, furniture, and yes, clothes. Unlike your really dumb story that contradicts all the evidence and even logic, these are documented facts:

      "Looting, Looting and More Looting," by Tom Segev:

      What's "creepy-awful" is to be reminded yet again that there will always be monsters in human form who will defend any atrocity, no matter how vicious and cold-blooded, while whining that they are the victims here.

    15. "Instead of hating Israel you should emulate them."

      God forbid we should emulate the Zionists, like the Zionists emulated and continue to emulate the Nazis. They, too, believed their victims were horrible, monstrous creatures who deserved to be treated the way Israel treats the Palestinians.

      Speaking of God and Divine Justice, I don't believe that God judges our guilt or innocence by what group we were born into, but by what we choose to do or say.

      Every minute of every day, God (or the Universe) asks each of us: "Who are you?", and we answer, whether we admit it or not.

      You accuse others of "hate" yet you are blind to the toxic hatred that saturates every word that you write. It is you, not anybody else here, who denies the humanity and rights of your fellow human beings. You devote much passion and energy to persuade others that killing and dispossessing and terrorizing non-Jews in their own homes and on their own lands is the right thing to do, sanctioned by God, no less.

      That you choose to do this here, on an Arab blog of all places, moreover, suggests perhaps a lower than average intelligence.

      You are that most pathetic of creatures, a hypocrite who fools nobody but himself.

    16. During World War 2, Arabs were pro-Nazi. Arabs hoped that the Nazis would get rid of the British, French, and Jews for them. The Nazis only managed to partially occupy Libya, Algeria and Tunisia, before Montgomery turned Rommel back, at the Egyptian-Libyan border. The Nazis killed a few thousand North African Jews. It wasn't until Arab independance, that the larger parts of the Jewish communities of those countries were finished off. Also, during WW2, there was a pro-Nazi coup in Baghdad and a round of Jew-killing, until the Free French arrived. Baghdad was, in those days, about 40% Jewish.

      Back in poor poor poor poor poor Palestine, the al Husseinis had managed, by political intrigue and murder of rivals, to place their guy in the top leadership position. He was an ardent Nazi. During the war, he visited Auschwitz, where a trainload of Greek Jews were gassed for his amusement. The al-Husseini mufti urged the Nazis to do the same in Palestine. He went to Bosnia and trained a Muslim SS brigade, to prepare for the happy day, when the Nazi armies reached Tel Aviv.

      The Nazi armies never reached Tel Aviv---poor poor poor poor Arabs, a great injustice. Al Husseini fled to Egypt, where he recruited his old Nazi colleagues, to come and work for the propaganda ministry. Yasser Arafat and Saddam Hussein were among his pupils. Husseini died in Cairo in 1967, but his spirit and work live on. Stop any diseased Muslim beggar on the streets of Cairo or Islamabad, and ask him what is wrong with his life. If he names five things, the Yahud will be one of them. That no one under the age of fifty, living in those places, will have ever seen a Yahud---the Yahud were all driven away or murdered by 1970--- makes no matter. It's a central organizing belief for them, like believing in God, that they can't give up, and that requires no evidence.

    17. It is you "Alice" who is full of toxic hatred. Why don't you just use the word Jew instead of Zionist. I am sure you do that off the net in your daily life with your children, friends and husband. But in your society, that's okay. Your hateful, illiterate shit hole of a society. For your information "Alice" Israel is the only place in the middle east or Muslim world where Christians are free to practice their religion and where they aren't blown to bits at church or murdered for selling a Christian Bible. The numbers of Christians in the Middle East is shrinking. But can you blame them? They aren't safe in Egypt, Gaza or the West Bank, Pakistan, Iraq or Indonesia etc. That's right they are only safe in Israel.

      And as for me writing on an Arab blog, so what. I know you Arabs aren't into free speech for everyone, just yourselves. But too bad. Keep spewing your hate, just know that there are plenty of us out here who know you are nothing more than an uneducated liar. Good luck in Egypt. There are no more Jewish boogey men for the Muslims to go after. It looks like it is your turn now. Like how it feels? You are the new Jews in Egypt.

    18. Oh just re-read one of your brilliant comments "Alice" that the Jews stole Palestinian Factories!! Ahahahahah. What factories did the Palestinians have? Their bomb making factories didn't exist yet. Did the Jews also steel their shopping malls? Funny but what you are saying is exactly what the Egyptians did to their Jewish citizens. Stole all of their possessions, businesses and homes. Who knows, maybe you are living in a stolen Jewish home?! HYPOCRITE.

      Try reading The Case For Israel by Alan Dershowitz if you can stop watching Al Manar for a minute. But it's kind of complicated, written by a lawyer, so you may have some trouble and may have to start out with something more simple :-))

    19. Not surprisingly, your precious Alan Derschowitz has been exposed as a plagiarist and a racist hack who advocates torture and collective punishment (only against non-Jews, of course), both crimes under international law.

      Zionism is to being Jewish what Nazism was to being German.

      Indeed, the affinity between the two racist ideologies was acknowledged very early on, by both the Nazis and the Zionists:

      Christians have fared no better than Muslims under Zionism. Since the founding of the Zionist state, Palestinian and other Christians have been systematically attacked, their places of worship desecrated and destroyed and their numbers have been decimated, as the record shows:

      I'm aware of my country's history: in over 1400 years since the Arab conquest, not one, not a single church in Egypt was attacked, let alone destroyed by a Muslim. Ever.

      In over 7,000 years of Egyptian history, no Egyptian army has ever turned its weapons against the Egyptian people. Ever.

      Because I am a rational person who is not blinded by hate, the fact that in the 8 months since Mubarak's Armed Forces Council took power, at least 4 churches have been attacked with impunity, and that the army's tanks and guns have been used to murder Egyptian citizens (regardless of religion), places the blame neither on my innocent Muslim compatriots nor "Islam", but on the individuals who planned and carried out the crimes: the members of the Armed Forces Council, who, like Mubarak, are financed and guided and praised by Israel's American puppets.

      Fascists, war criminals and their apologists do not acknowledge that individuals are accountable for their own choices; instead, they try to persuade people that criminals must be judged according to their ethnicity or religious affiliation.

      In other words, racists like you two "Anony-Mouses" ("Anony-Rats?) try to incite hatred between people on religious and racial/ethnic grounds, when the real struggle is between people who want to achieve their legitimate rights and those who would deny them those rights.

      In our eyes, there is no difference between the Egyptian martyrs Mohamed Mohsen, Mina Daniel and Ahmed Bassiouny, and Rachel Corrie, the martyrs of the Mavi Marmara and the countless martyrs in the struggle for freedom all over the world.

      Unlike you, we don't need to check a person's religious affiliation or ethnicity or color before evaluating the morality of their actions or cause.

      All those who struggle for freedom, for human rights and dignity and justice represent the flower of humanity, our collective hope for a better future, and all were murdered by those who are determined to kill that hope.

      As Alan Derschowitz himself once admitted, complaining about the brave Israeli academics who stand up for Palestinian rights:

      "Our greatest enemies are not the Islamic extremists. They help our case in many ways... The problem is Jews. Jews and Israelis."

    20. Hey, anonymous douchebag, are you sitting alone and underfucked in your poor flat that you have nothing else to do than boring people with your brainwashed hasbara lies and babbling about races?
      Wahrscheinlich nur ein kleiner antideutscher Leptosomer im Ketaminwahn.....

    21. Ahha, ha, ha. No, but I am sure you are :-))


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