Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rasha Magdy is not Magdy Raskh’s daughter

There were strong rumors that took the social networks by storm in Egypt yesterday that Egyptian Anchorwoman Rasha Magdy were the daughter of Magdy Raskh , Alaa Mubarak’s father in law.

Well Rasha Magdy is not the sister of Heidi Raskh ,I am sure of this because Magdy Raskh got two daughter : Heidi and Dina. I am sure of this because my grandma’s late cousin used to know Rasha Magdy’s mom and I am sure of this because Rasha Magdy used to live in Kuwait for years.

For God sake will the daughter of one Egypt’s richest man work in the Egyptian TV !?

Now for those who do not know who is Rasha Magdy and why she is being bullied online as people are sharing her Facebook account and mobile phone number , Magdy is a National TV/News sector anchorwoman whom is being accused of inciting hatred towards Egyptian Christians with the coverage she presented during Black Sunday on National TV.

Rasha Magdy during Black Sunday

To be honest I am not surprised because I can’t forget what Rasha Magdy used to say during the early days of the revolution. Of course professionally it is not her own responsibility only.

Madgy defended herself and claimed that she could not incite hate towards Christians because half of her father’s family is Christian.

Despite I am angry and disgusted from her , I can’t say that I approve on how her private mobile phone number reached to twitter and young tweeps think it is ok to call her and insult her !! It is immature , childish and insult the revolution and its martyrs.

I refuse this because I do not want my mobile phone number reaches to someone who can insult me because of political views. It will start with the enemies of the revolution and sooner it will reach to anyone of us who supported the revolution but has different view when it comes to the transitional period.

Rasha Magdy is now being attacked in the media , it is enough and her clips will haunt her forever till she has the courage to admit that she did a mistake against her follow Egyptians.


  1. well maybe she is not a Rasekh, bas belnesba lel kalam elle 2aleto fa da maloosh 3elaqa bel seyasa wala seyaset el tv, le2enn el kalam kan ertegaly w she said it in a straight way tale3 menha heya (since enno msh 5abar, de bet3alla2 3ala el 5abar)

    as for her phone number wel 7ewar da, ana sha5seyyan el awel kont ba3od a2ool la2 mayenfa3sh ne3mel e7na 7aga le ayy 7add zayy keda w da sho3'l folan walla el wazeer walla el qadaa2, bs seriously ana delwa2ty shayfa enn mafeesh dawla aslan wala fe 7kooma wala fe 7add haye3mel 7aga wala hay7aseb el naas de no matter what we do,
    w 3shn keda, I support taking revenge bel taree2a elle koll wa7ed yeshofha aw ye7ess ennaha terdeeh....

    I'm really sorry to say this, and I don't want anything to go this way EVER 3shn e7na msh fe 3'aba (la el moze3a de wala 3'erha), bs law 7asal msh ha2dar a2ool la2 le2enn elle haye3mel keda hayeb2a m3ah 3ozro...

  2. Her biased reporting incites hatred, fueld anger against Christians and led to bloodshed. this is not a simple mistake to apologize for.

  3. the other daughter is called Hana not Dina ..

  4. We will see if she will be fired.
    She killed tens on an armed civiled.
    She will be in jail standing for trial with Tantawy and co. Soon, very soon,

    Khouloud ElGamal

  5. Correction of spelling
    We will see if she will be fired.
    She participated at the killing of tens on unarmed civilian
    She will be in jail standing for trial with Tantawy and co. Soon, very soon,

    Khouloud ElGamal

  6. if it was your family who got killed because of rasha's incitement on TV, will you be this kind to her. it was not political viewpoint she expressed on TV as you say,will you say asking public to attack people who are from a religion as expressing political views? in most countries she will spend the rest of her life in jail for murder. pls read your post again, and see if it sounds okay to you.


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