Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The 1027 Prisoner Deal is sealed at last in Cairo "Updated"

Israeli media has just announced that Hamas and Israeli government reached to an agreement about Galid Shalit after 64 months of his capture and negotiations.
The good news of the day that Hamas and Israeli government reached to deal in Cairo , yes Cairo. Just from few hours Israeli Government has approved the deal between Hamas and Israeli administration that was reached in Cairo thanks to Egyptian and German Governments for meditation and concluding the deal.
Last Sunday Ahmed Jabari as representative of Hamas , David Meidan as a representative of Netanyahu and Mawfi “our current spy chief” signed the deal.  
Galid will hopefully be exchanged with 1027 Palestinian prisoners and it include the all women prisoners “27” ,the Jerusalem prisoners “30”, Palestinians 48“6”as well as prisoners with 25 years jail sentence. This is the biggest swap of its kind , 1 for 1000 Palestinian. Just after the Israelis announced it in Tel Aviv , we got Khaled Mashal speaking on air about the deal in Damascus , I wonder what the mad El Assad brothers think now.
Marwan Barghouti 
Among the names that will be exchanged is Marwan Barghouti , I will consider this one of the achievements of Egyptian revolution whether you like or not. I do not think this agreement would have been reached if Mubarak had been the president or Omar Soliman had continued as our spy chief. According from news sources Mourad Mowafi , the head of Egyptian intelligence worked on this deal since last Ramadan.
Mashal revealed that 450 prisoners “including Barghouti insh Allah” will be released in a week while the rest 550 prisoners will be released in 2 months.
It is worth to mention that thousands of Palestinian prisoners are having hunger strike currently in Israeli prison including prominent personalities like Ahmed Saadat whose health is deteriorating rapidly in the past 48 hours. I hope Saadat is among the prisoners. I think this hunger strike played a role in this deal. 
I will not deny that  I am happy , I will not deny that this news brought happiness and hope to me. Hopefully the deal will go smoothly with any obstacles , I hope that we do not find some suicide bomb here or there because honestly Marwan Barghouti’s freedom and the other  prisoners are much important in this time.
Anyhow Ghalid Shalit is going to return back home soon in couple of days so are the Palestinian prisoners insh Allah.
1 person equal 1,027 , I think this means something !!
And yes I see this as an Egyptian revolution achievement , Hamas would not have reached to this except after the revolution.
Now a side note : In a Haaretz report I found two lines saying the deal will include Grapel , the US Israeli law student accused of espionage. In the past two weeks there were a lot of news about Grapel and deals from Israel and the States for his release. The last thing we heard in the media that Grapel will be exchanged with Egyptian prisoners in Israel.
Of course today Grapel faced a new charge “Incitement and spurring groups to set police stations in fire” of  in a move I believe to prove he was still in the country. Based on what I see I think Grapel will have another separate deal.
Update : 
Bad news : Marwan Barghouti is not going to be released according to Israeli sources :(
Gaza is currently celebrating the deal , people are celebrating with fireworks with Palestinian flags in their hand. There are happy marches in Gaza.
Shalit will arrive Cairo in the upcoming days.
Here is a link for video shot from time ago
Avidgor Lieberman and Uzi Landu are against it.

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  1. I guess the Arabs don't value themselves too much. Move than 1000 of them is worth as much as one Israeli, ha, ha!! Enjoy getting your murderers back. One day they will face divine justice or maybe man-made justice (meeting the same fate as the crippled Mullah from Gaza)!!


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