Friday, October 28, 2011

Essam Atta : The latest victim of torture in Egypt "Graphic"

Late Atta 
Essam Atta , a 23 years old man from Egypt whom I do not know what he did on February 25th ,2011 but  he was arrested by military police and faced a military trial he should not face. Atta was sentenced two years in jail where he was spending at the Tora prison “following the ministry of interior and civilian police” The No for military trials’ lawyers were working on appealing the military court so soon.
From couple of hours ago human rights activists knew that Essam Atta died and his body was at the Kasr Al Aini hospital , later they knew from his family as well from other inmates that Atta was tortured till by policemen in jail for smuggling a SIM card for his mobile phone. He was sodomized with water pipes. Lawyer Malek Adly who saw the body at the Kasr Al Aini’s morgue said that there were no bruises but he was leaking water !!
It seems that after knowing that they killed Atta , the officers took his body and left it at Kasr Al Aini hospital where there was no official report for the admission.
Side Mark :  former speaker of Egyptian parliament Fathi Sorror smuggled a mobile phone to his cell in Tora prison last month and he was not tortured till death.
Lawyer and human right activist Malek Adly stated that Misr El Kadima police station filed a report to the public prosecutor office which ordered an immediate autopsy at Zanihom for the suspension in death cause. Tomorrow insh Allah there will be autopsy.
Late Essam Atta's body at the Kasr Al Aini morgue
Even if we do not have SCAF , we got a police mentality corrupted and sick enough to make our life like hell if we do no take the correct decision and stand. The police force should be disbanded , we got unemployed youth enough to fill in.
Torture in Egyptian jails is not the product of SCAF rule or Mubarak rule , it is the product of decades yet it will be not hard to stop it , not only to limit it but to stop it.
Essam is not the first but insh Allah we should try to make him the last to die from torture.
Late Essam Atta "No For mitrials FB"
Essam Atta's brother at the hospital
"We are all Essam Atta FB"
Essam sent this message to No for military trials on October 7,2011
I am Essam Ali Atta , I was imprisoned because my family is poor but God will not leave me like that because God is mighty and he is merciful on me than all human.
Here is extreme emotional and graphic video showing Essam's mom after seeing her son's body.
Essam Atta's brother Mohamed was optimistic on Thursday's morning that his brother was going to be acquitted and released !!
Activists are calling the people to gather at Zanihom morgue at 10 AM to show the government that Atta's family got support despite they are poor.
According to the ER doctor at Kasr Al Aini hospital Dr. Inas , the doctors tried to save Essam when he was brought to the hospital but he was already dead. She added that those who brought him "allegedly a police officer" told her that he was taken some pills.
Here is another video from the morgue :(

Here is a Facebook page in solidarity with Essam Atta : We are all Essam Atta
I am extremely worried from the Tahrir's protest.


  1. عصام عطا وثق في الله والله أخذه عنده ان شاء الله في جناته العلي وليبقي قاتله ليعاني من ظلمه للناس وظلمة ايامه ووجوه من ظلمهم تطارده في كوابيسه والقتلي يزورونه في منامه ولتؤرق لياليه من بلاويه وساديته من يفعل بانسان هذه الافعال لايستحق ان ينسب للانسانيه باي صوره وكل من ساهم في هذه الفوضي العارمه لمصر عليه ان يحذر أخذ الله ان اخذه شديد جبار ومن يملك لمصر خيرا لم يفعله وادخره لوقت ما سيحاسب علي مايحدث في الفوضي اتقوا الله في مسئولياتكم اتقوا الله في شعب مصر اتقوا الله يامصريين ياولاد مصر اتقوا الله في امكم لاتعقوها مصر تناديكم انقذوها من جلاديها fateimad

  2. I can't begin to imagine exactly how many people have been rounded up, tortured and murdered in this manner. It has become common knowledge that men and some boys were rounded up from Iraq and Afghanistan and sent to secret detention places in Egypt to be tortured and interrogated by our CIA and Egyptian hosts.
    My guess would be that the Egyptian military wish to be the ones in power come election time. Again this is becoming a world wide problem with the wealthiest trying to maintain all power and wealth.

  3. لماذا لم يتم ذكر تهمة عصام عطا؟ حيث أن فترة فبراير 2011 كانت فترة غياب للشرطة و كانت الأحكام العسكرية هي الرادع الأوحد للخارجين على القانون بعد انتشار البلطجة و السرقات وترويع المواطنين, كان الواجب على الصفحة التركيز على التعذيب و ادانة سجن طرة على الواقعة وليس التركيز على المحاكمات العسكرية و الهجوم على المجلس العسكري في حين أن المجلس العسكري كان يذيع تلك الأحكام في التليفزيون لطمأنة المواطنين على أن الجيش يحمي الثورة من البلطجية, واضح أن كل مجموعة لها غرض وهدف وتستخد أي حدث للهجوم على خصمهم , يا سادة المجرم هنا في حال صدق استخدام خراطيم المياة هم ضباط سجن طرة وقياداتهم بالداخلية

  4. I can assure you that as an ex emergency room medic that froth in his mouth is a sign of drug overdose. The story of the water tube being used is standard procedure called gastric lavage where the medics insert a tube and flush water into the mouth and stomach to flush out the drugs before they can take full effect. Looks completely like a drug overdose to me and not torture.
    You might need to revise your heading and story Zenobia.
    Looks like you jumped too quick onto the bandwagon.

  5. Just translated the first comment. I love how you have such a way with curses.

  6. I understand that if you want to send someone to be tortured, Egypt was the place....Even if he was a drug dealer "Torcher brings on Torcher"
    Look what they did to Qadaffi somodomizing him with a stick!

  7. @Demeur: you call it a curse, but I see it as a beautiful prayer for justice and a blessing for Egypt and for her people.


  8. To the emergency room medic: "A fine, white, froth or foam in the airways and exuding from the mouth and nostrils is characteristic of drowning. It is a vital phenomenon and indicates that the victim was alive at the time of submersion."

    We know what the torturers and murderers of the Egyptian regime are about. And it has nothing to do with going to great lengths to save the lives of poor boys who demand freedom and equality. In fact, quite the opposite.

    Thus, although drug overdoses can also cause frothing at the mouth, the circumstances of this case point in another direction altogether.

    Down with Tantawi and his murdering thugs!

    Down with governments that prop up this continuation of the Mubarak regime!

    Release all political prisoners in Egypt now!

    Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Dundee;Lecture Notes; Bodies from Water


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