Friday, October 28, 2011

Syrian Revolution : The League bloody Period

I do not really follow the news of the Arab league delegation in Damascus or the progress of these talks because in this week not less than 150 Syrians have been killed on the hands of the Syrian regime from all over the country especially young children.

On Thursday there was reportedly a general strike in several cities and towns in Syria to object the Arab talks. The night protests are still on in Syria.

On Thursday also the students of Khaled Ibn Al Walid university in Homs had turned the fountain at the square in front of the campus in order to declare to the world their refusal for the Arab initiative. A beautiful fantastic message.

Homs : Khalid Ibn Al Walid university students refuse Arab intiative

On Thursday not less than 14 have been killed in Syria including a child in Huma. Several Children have been killed in Syria this week as you well see after the break. “Extremely graphic +18”

Here was 10 years old Abdel Rahman Ali Darwish who was shot in the chest at his home town Saraqib , Idlib hardly breathing while medics were trying to save him. Darwish died after three hours in the OR.

Saraqib : 10 years old Abdel Rahman

Here is late Abdel Rahman’s funeral on Thursday !! He is such a small thing.

Saraqib : The funeral of 10 years old child

Here was late Amaged Hamed from Giza , Daraa. He was shot in his head , it is extremely graphic.

Giza : Amaged Hamed from Daraa

Giza , Daraa is the hometown of Hamza El Khatib.

Of course October 26th at the same time our Arab diplomats sat with Bashar El Assad , his criminal troops killed dozens of civilians including children.

Here is a baby Catherine , who did not reach her second year. Baby Catherine Khabour was killed along her family in a shelling by Syrian army in Homs. on October 26.

Homs : Baby girl Catherine Khabour

A child in Homs injured on October 26 2011 , the narrator in the video says that the child was injured by a nail bomb.

Homs : injured by a nail bomb

Another child , a toddler injured in his chest with some fragment on October 26,2011 in Homs.

Homs : An injured toddler

That kid was injured while she was in her mom’s arms. She is a baby girl. She was injured On October 26,2011 in Daraa.

Daraa : Baby girl’s injured

According to the Syrian activists these are the latest numbers from 5 days ago since the start of the revolution in March 2011:

  • 3,978 Syrians have been killed including 249 kid and 175 women
  • 3059 have been reportedly missing.
  • Over 45,000 have been detained
  • Over 14,227 refugees mostly in Turkey.

From two days there was a small news that very few paid attention to : Syrian military personnel have been killed in an air crash in Syria. Some source says that these were 8 Syrian pilots while Russia Today claims that they were Syrian air force technicians. On the other hand the Yemeni revolutionaries say that those military personnel were actually the infamous Shabiha “Regime thugs”.

The official Syrian and Yemeni sources spoke about air crash while the revolutionary sources in Yemen believe that they were killed in a suicide act.

Either way I do believe dictators share expertise and realistically Saleh has allegedly no time to learn from Syrian air forces’ expertise when he is fighting the world to stay on his chair. Anyhow whatever sinister thing was being planned or taught or whatever , it has

Some Syrian political groups decided to name this Friday protests as “The No Fly zone” Friday in order to pressure the international community

I hate the word international intervention because I know the price is not cheap on the medium or long run yet I can’t speak while I am in Cairo. I fear in Syria from the unknown just like Libya whose NTC wants the NATO’s mission to continue till the end of the year to stop the Qaddafi loyalists from escaping. I fear on Syrian sincerely from replacing a dictatorship with  new form of occupation.

Sadly enough the news on how U.S pulled its ambassador earlier this week for of his safety overshadowed the daily murders going on. U.S ambassador Robert Ford may return next month , of course when I look it , it seems that the States is giving time for El Assad to end this revolution just like the Arab world.

The States and Israel want El Assad regime as simple as that.

El Assad whether Bashar or wacko brother are not going to leave Syria alive , they will be killed like Qaddafi and hopefully the civilized world does not preach the Syrian people whose children are killed on daily basis on how they should treat their murderers.

Of course I forget to say that Razan Zaitona as well as Ali Ferzat have been awarded the European Union Sakharov prize for freedom of thought along with Asmaa Mahfouz and Mohamed Bou Azizi.


  1. i cant speak on behalf of the US and Israel but as much as i hear and know Israel most 100% want to see the Assad Regime falling. FM Liberman even talked last week on Channel 2 and wondered out load why Syria doesn't get the same treatment as Libya did?!.

    but it's more complicated:

    1.US and the EU working are now in coalitions not alone. for the Libya intervention there was a Consensus and green light from the LAS and from Russia and China, for Syria no. i don't even remember the Syrian opposition asking for foreign intervention...

    2. there's a direct connection between Syria, Lebanon and Iraq and whatever happens in Syria the other 2 countries will be effected Immediately, which will effect Turkey as well and Jordan for sure so.....

    3. i'm not sure that israel is dealing very well with our interior problems yet alon Intervene in interior problems of any other arab country

    i understand the frustration but i'm not sure that we r the right address to blame

  2. This video stopped me a moment ago:

    Assault on Homs. (Note: no visible spilling of blood, but sheer destruction being caused by military, seemingly for no reason)

    I wish Arabs would show solidarity in streets elsewhere to raise awareness among their governments to start pressuring Assad.

  3. I agree with Perlova.

    By the way, off-topic for this post, but check it out. Egyptian presidential candidate and pseudoscientist Mohamed El Naschie has made it to MEMRI TV. El Naschie reviles his British hosts

  4. these are times of Change.
    i rember reading history books and thinking will i ever be able to witness shuch times !
    as much as it has blood, pain and tears yet some how we manage to pass through all this . God Bless you Syria


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