Thursday, October 27, 2011

#Prisoners Swap : Illan Grapel for 25 Egyptians and F16

Illan Grapel crossed Taba border in a black van from short while ago in his way to Eilat while the Egyptian prisoners are in their way to Egypt according to intelligence source that spoke to the media there.
Here is the a Youm 7 video report from Taba border crossing showing the families of the Egyptian prisoners waiting for them.
Youm 7 : At Taba borders
Now there are details revealed about the Grapel is not exchanged for 25 prisoners only but he was exchanged for F16s air fighters from the States according to Ynet as well. 
Some of the Egyptian prisoners are accusing of smuggling and drug trafficking.
Story is developing

@1:53 PM Grapel has already arrived to Tel Aviv. The Rafah Crossing is closed today till 6 PM because the prisoners swap.
Here is a photo from Sherin Tadros "Al Jazeera International" for Taba borders.
at the borders "Sherin T" 
Now contrary to what you read Egypt already owns F16 "Remember January 30,2011" and according to it is the 4th largest F16 operator in the world with 220 according to that website. Also according to this website we are going to get new Peace Vector VII F16 in 2012.
@7:23 PM Cairo local
Grapel's airplane , yes airplane has landed at Ben Guiron's airport in Tel Aviv , he will have a press conference at the Israeli PM office to have a press conference.
Grapel with his mom "Israeli PM twitter"
Do not ask what happened earlier because I do not understand it but our people have arrived already to Egypt and made interviews with the Egyptian TV reporters who proved that the extreme unprofessionalism unsurprisingly !!
Here is photo from Haaretz showing our prisoners while they were transferred in Israel.
From Israeli side "Haartez" 
I have not seen the whole thing on TV but my mom told me that one of the governors of Sinai "either South or North" said to our prisoners "welcome to your second country !!!!" { I object in Arabic}
The Egyptian TV was only allowed to cover the arrival of the Egyptian prisoners at Taba while the other channels and journalists were not allowed , allegedly same thing happened in Israel.
Here are interviews with the three minor Egyptian prisoners.
Here is also a report from Egyptian TV about the families of the prisoners.

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