Thursday, October 27, 2011

A policeman : The State security is behind the two saints church bombing

Al Ahram Arabic gate has published an extremly important video clip for a low ranking policeman from those currently on strike who claims that police generals and Habib El Adly are behind the two saints church.

Al Ahram Gate : A low ranking policeman says that MOI behind the two saints church bombing

Abdel Aziz Siyad Mohamed is a low ranking working in the state security since 1982.

Siyad Mohamed accused police general Tarek El Mogy who was responsible of what he called “The special activity” in state security of standing behind the two saints church bombing. He even spoke about a young man called Khamis who used to live behind the two saints church bombing and was arrested after witnessing the real perpetrators and was tortured till death.

Despite he has no strong evidence yet I think we should start looking for Khamis who was allegedly tortured till death to know the truth.

Now in a little google search I found that Tarek El Mogy was mentioned in the Siyad Bilal’s murder case where he was supervising the “Two Saints” bombing investigation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Siyad also claimed that El Mogy ordered his men to set the car of Amr Adeeb on fire in Giza. He added that El Mogy is currently in Qatar.

This is not the first time someone claims that El Adly and the State security were behind the two saints church bombing , after the fall of the Mubarak we got these alleged documents from UK then we got that police officer who claimed that El Adly’s secret cell killed Soad Hosni and was behind the the two Saints church bombing.

Search for Khamis who used to live behind the church in Alexandria , this can be a lead. Remember this is not the first time and there is no smoke without fire.


  1. fatiemad
    الابنه زنوبيا آآآآآآآآه آآآآآآآآآآآآآه آآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآآه آه من ظلم الانسان لأخيه الانسان مش قادره أفهم ازاي ان حامي حمي الأمن الداخلي هو القاتل والمجرم والمحرض علي الاجرام كيف لجهاز خدمي مثل جهاز الشرطه يساء استخدامه وتوضع هذه الفجوه بينه وبين ابناء الشعب وكيف لانسان يحترم نفسه يرضي لنفسه ان يكون ظالما هل كل جهاز الشرطه فسده ومفسدين هل لايملكون مقومات الشرطي الجيدايه القتل ده كله ايه العذاب ده كله ايه انتهاك الحريات والاخلاقيات كيف ينام أحدهم قرير العين بعد ان يهين اي ماكان وليس يلفق الاتهامات ويقتل ودلوقتي بيقولوا مجروحين مجروحين من ايه من أفعالهم ولا من ماوصلوا اليه ولا من اكتشاف أمرهم بلا مواربه الغالبيه العظمي منهم دخلوا الجهاز بالرشوه والمحسوبيه فكيف لمن دخل بالرشوه والمحسوبيه ان يكون شريفا انا أقول الغالبيه لاني صادفت في ظروف ما اناس متحضرين طيببين من الضباط لكن مانراه ومانسمعه عن غالبيتهم يندي له الجبين فالي متي ؟ الي متي؟ عشمي ان تنجح الثوره في صنع مالم تصنعه ستين سنه قبل ذلك ولله الأمر من قبل ومن بعد

  2. I've known for a long time that these bombings aren't committed by normal Egyptian citizens in the name of religion. Every time the government wants to distract the Egyptian people from something they know is wrong and could incite the people, they pull a stunt like this to create and instigate sectarian violence. I actually wrote about this issue (, its more of a personal story but touches on the issue of christian-muslim relations in Egypt. If you go out on the streets and ask anyone what they think, whether they are muslim or christian they will agree that it was wrong and that they are against such acts of violence and hate.
    This is proving to be pretty true, especially in light of all the testimonials, files and statements (by people involved in these plots) in Al Adly's court case.


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