Saturday, October 15, 2011

#Maspero : News and rumors in one day !! "Updated"

Today SCAF has issued a decree to appoint Tharwet Mekki as the new chairman of Egyptian radio and TV union. Mekki was the general secretary for the union for seven months now.
Mekki is replacing Sami El Sherif the former chairman of the ERTVU officially according to this decree.
Now Mekki used to work in the news sector and it turns out according to some online source he was a member in the policies committee of the NDP. From seven months the employees protested against him in the building.
Maspero : A protest against Tharwet Mekki
Anyhow today strangely from three hours ago Radio Misr allegedly announced that Osama Heikal has been dismissed from his ministerial position as minister of information and SCAF appointed instead of him major general Tarek El Mahdy .Up till this moment there has been no confirmation for such news anywhere except Radio Masr which is owned by the State !! Updated : It is a rumor , Heikal appeared on Ch.1 defended himself and the National TV. 
Who does not want to watch it , then go for another channel. 
Heikal said that and we have been doing it for years now !!
Now if this news was not a rumor or test balloon “it seems so”, it will be very interesting because El Mahdy appointed as the governor of the New Valley in a move that many considered as a kick outside the game after he gained a huge popularity in the ERTVU to the level that the employees demanded that he would be the minister of information.
I feel that this was a test balloon to see if we accept El Mahdy again , well I like him as chairman of ERTVU but not a minister of information we do not need another minister of information especially an army general with all respect to El Mahdy.
There have been many calls demanding SCAF to dismiss Osama Heikal from his position after the shameful disgusting coverage of Egyptian TV for the Maspero clashes and how it incited hates towards Christians and spread lies then.
Now why is the ERTUV or Maspero extremely important for the army for those who do not understand ?
Historically in coups and revolutions the first you want to do is control the media or at least the state media main tool : Radio and TV.
Historically Mohamed Anwar El Sadat went on July 23rd 1952 to the radio building when the rest of the army was not loyal to the Free officers and so we have many examples like that. The generals are not bluffing and they take any call to storm or occupy the building seriously. “Especially with what is taking place in Rome now” 
Our demand should not be occupy Maspero or setting it on fire because Maspero is ours , it is owned by the Egyptian people and in any respectable country the National TV is needed. Our demand should be purging Maspero and expose all those hypocrites and corrupted working in it.
The problem is not in Maspero but in the Journalists , reporters and TV hosts deceiving the people in private channels.

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  1. Osama Heikal has been dismissed (from?) his ministerial position as minister of interior (communication?)


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