Saturday, October 15, 2011

Syrian Revolution : 3000 “Graphic+18”

According to Syrian activists not less than 3000 Syrian have been killed since the start of the revolution last March 15 , 2011. I am afraid I am not shocked at all because the terrible and graphic videos hint out that there is a human tragedy going on in Syria.
There are these unconfirmed clashes about the Syrian Arab army “regime’s army” and the Syrian Free army in several areas through out the weeks.
Bashar El Assad announced today that he formed a commission to draft a new constitution in the next 4 months. That commission will include 29 members including some of the tame pseudo opposition in Syria. With those 3000 Syrians aside from those injured and in jail , I know that it is a matter of days or even months and that regime insh Allah will go to hell. Today 13 martyrs were killed in Damascus.
Yesterday Friday 14/10 another Syrian Child was shot down by the security forces in the Friday protest in Damascus. Ibrahim Shaiban , 9 years old was shot down and killed during the protests.
Late Ibrahim Shaiban in Mecca 
Here is the video after he was shot in his moments “extremely graphic+18”
Damascus : Ibrahim Shaiban’s last moments
Below an extremely graphic video showing late Ibrahim after he was shot and while the ER was trying to save him in the hospital.
Damascus : 9 years old Shabian in the hospital
Here is Ibrahim’s father thanking Russia and China as well as El Assad “extremely graphic and emotional”
Damascus : Ibrahim’s father thanking Russia , China and El Assad
Today was his funeral and it was unlike anything I have seen in size when it comes to Damascus.
Damascus “15/10” : The funeral of Ibrahim Shaiban
Damascus “15/10” : The funeral of Ibrahim Shaiban
There is a Facebook page now with the name “We are all Ibrahim Shaiban
Some Syrians now think they should ask for international protection and interfere to stop the on going massacres , the sanctions are not enough. I am not with the international direct interfere in Syria because it means the occupation of Syria by the end of the day as it is a neighbor to Israel. Anyhow again I do understand that how the people in Syria feel. Here is a citizen from Rastan asking the help of the international protection in French.
Rastan : Syrian citizen asks for international protection
Tomorrow there will be a meeting for Arab foreign ministers in LAS by the request of the GCC to discuss the Syrian issues and according to what I read all options are available.
Today the Syrian protesters had a sorrowful clash with the military police as well the Egyptian police. The protest was peaceful and the protesters did not cross that barricade the military police set between them and the embassy. All Hell broke loose when 4 protesters tried to cross the barricade and try to occupy the Syrian embassy just like what happened in London and Brussels from two weeks ago.
The military police as a result attacked the protesters brutally injuring some of them.
I feel so sorry and angry  but after what happened last Sunday we must be thankful that there were no freaking out soldiers in their armored vehicles.
Here are video clips showing the protest and some of what happened in it.
The Syrian community in Egypt is very active by the way with billboards all over Cairo and exhibitions in universities about the Syrian revolution. Insh Allah I will take photos for the billboards in Cairo.

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