Saturday, October 15, 2011

18 days in video : The Maspero CCTV video records

Do you remember the Maspero CCTV video records lawyer Amir Salem spoke about ?
Do you remember when he presented these videos “tons of GBs” to the court in the shooting of the protesters trial ?
Only few videos were shown publicly including the Camels at Maspero on February 2nd ,2011 and the Kasr Al Nil battle on January 28th,2011 and caused controversy.
Now there is a website launched recently with these video records called “18 Day”. This website presents the raw video file sof the Maspero CCTV during those 18 days.
Please share it and in your spare time please watch these videos carefully.


  1. Importantly data must be salvaged until someone closes it. Torrents preferably.

  2. but the link is not working :(

  3. Thanks for the tip and the effort.Your chronicles became a "brand name" in
    Keep up the good work :)) @amrazim2808

  4. Should someone download all of the videos and create a torrent
    this way no one can ever take down those videos

  5. I don't really think so @anonymous.


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