Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Revolution in Egypt has not finished yet Dear Tawakal Karmen

Yemeni Nobel peace prize winner Tawakal Karmen told Ahmed Mansour on Al Jazeera that the Yemeni revolutionaries will not make the Egyptians’ mistake who let their revolution be stolen by military or in other words the Egyptian revolution has failed in her view !!

Yes the regime has not fallen yet but I do not expect a whole a regime build not only in 30 years but in 60 years will be easily removed by a sit in public squares for months in a country like Egypt. Revolutions and democratic transition take more than sits in for couple of months.

It is not about Egyptian pride but about the amount of negativity Mrs. Karmen spread in difficult time in Egypt with her views about the Egyptian revolution. You will not believe how much her statements made many young Egyptians feel sad and desperate especially with the disaster we had earlier last week.

The Egyptian revolution has not finished yet nor it has failed nor it has been taken over completely by military junta despite all the debate about whether what we had was a revolution turned in to a coup or not because all this will not be determined now , I still have a strong faith.

In fact if you look it even in Yemen , you will find that the Yemeni revolution already won a lot of power when there was that spilt and defections in the Yemeni army.

Strangely Ali Abdullah Saleh is still the president in Yemen and his party is still in charge and her own father Abdel Salam Karmen thinks that Karmen should speaks politely about president Saleh despite he is happy for her !! The Yemeni forces are still killing protesters and activists just like today where 11 civilians have been killed and there are clashes between republican guards and tribal militants following Al Ahamer tribe as far as I understand.

There are many challenges facing the Yemeni revolution if we are going to speak in a realistic political way and not media way including Saudi Arabia interfere , the American interfere “will the revolutionaries let their country open for the American military operations !?” , tribalism , the South and the Houthis.

Karmen should not be worried about the military in Yemen “despite she should based on the history of the country” and should be worried on the fight over power among the political parties and groups in Yemen after the total fall of the regime there.

We do not need any negativity from anyone because this is a long war with many battles.

I am still happy for Tawakel and Yemen for real.

My own advice to her is that do not make our real own mistake and think that the revolution and the real change are in sits in at public squares , the real revolution is to go the people from North and South of Yemen , listen to their problems and needs, try to win them to the revolution’s side because this is how you down the regime . My second advice to her is not let the media spoil her or the other activists in Yemen.


    You are not alone dear Zeinoba: this is what I what I wrote yesterday on my facebook page answering an Egyptian follower on Tawakul attitude!
    Amal van Hees I can understand Egyptian’s youth frustration. Many wished more balanced, wise statements, positions and mainly more compassionate support to other movements in frame of Arab Anger and call for freedom from Tawakul. Liberals even inside Yemen and in different other Arab countries were disappointed by her less liberal support to their struggle while many supported her in past. Anyhow this our reality! what do you expect from regime that divide to rule? Do you think they will produce inclusive leaders! Unfortunately and for a while the children of the system will duplicate the ousted systems unless we succeed to build coherent and cohesive societies! Look at Egypt, look at sectarian divide around us look at even to the human rights movement getting more and more politicized! This is our drama we can only spread the word remain open to all hoping by giving the good example people will see the added value of being inclusive! There is space for all the freedom boat

  2. Sorry Zeinobia if the reality for us people, watching from the sidelines, strikes you as negative, but what other reaction should we have?

    From my viewpoint, I believe the only place where definite change will take place is Syria, because Assad has seen what happened to his brother-leaders and is using brutality to crush.

    I sense his brutality has galvanised the majority of Syria, hence a daily death toll, as daily protests occur and strengthen the citizen's.

    Libya and NTC are well-populated with former Ghaddafi Ministers etc, so I have little doubt they will revert to type.

    Thankfully Mubarak had no role model to follow, however SCAF seem to be learning from other's mistakes, hence the carnage of Maspero.

    A sad plight, but with only the one interpretation possible, failure, currently. I look forward to changing my opinion.

  3. Oh it's dead and buried, my dearest.

    You make it sound like a competition..."My revolution is better than yours"

  4. She's right. Egyptians trusted something that is in power for 60 years right now. Which is bad, we fought, we people died and we give the rule again to the bad guys.

    If the crowd had stayed throughout the country like in the Mubarak days, we would have cleansed the army from the corrupt people such as the people in SCAF.

    I mean COME ON! In the 3mreya army training facility/base near Alexandria, the people insult the new recruited people because of the revolution and they still have the pictures of Mubarak hung on the wall in their offices.

    Mubarak was just a part of a system. The system has not been removed entirely, so yea, till now our revolution has not been successful.

  5. Had junior officers and regular soldiers not opposed the orders to open fire on demonstrators at the start of the revolution, the army Generals would have done what Assad of Syria is doing to his own people today.


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