Monday, October 17, 2011

Road to civil state : Catch a regime NDP remnant

Just like Catch a thief Egyptian political groups and activists including April 6th Youth , Revolution Youth coalition and the Egyptian National Council “Mamdouh Hamza” have launched a great website that called :
This fantastic website includes all the names of ex-NDP leaders and important members as well former NDP members of the parliament , local councils and NDP’s headquarters in all our governorates. It is huge fantastic work. You can find names based on governorates with brief details about their positions in the NDP.  
A graphic with the ex-NDP parties sprung from
the evil insect mother aka NDP !!
The most interesting section is the cadres of the NDP , its leaders. That list includes very powerful businessmen who are untouched up till now. The website includes the names of the parties made by the NDP remnants , of course they are more than 8 now. 
Esmekflol or catch remnant is like the Esmek Harami or catch a thief in Arabic. 
Egyptian youth already started to gather info about the members of NDP in different government and make lists spreading it on Facebook. We are also careful for all the parties the remnants are making. Our youth are also careful to the attempts of the NDP remnants to jump in to the revolution wagon like for instance in Cairo and Alexandria.
Beware from the NDP members in
The remnants are too damn active and organized especially with the money as well as the experience to the level that we are wondering when SCAF and the government issue the treachery law or “ The political isolation law” or as it is being called now “Spoiling the political life” law !! Yesterday official media claimed that “in hours” the law will be issued and now it is “days” !! Not to mention this law will be actually implemented on the top level of NDP members only.
Esmat El Marghany , a former NDP
made a new party demanding SCAF
after Maspero Clashes to impose
martial laws !!
It is worth to mention that some of the remnants’ parties attend the SCAF meetings and as old experts of hypocrisy they know how to please the military very well.
The former NDPians are using their money to run for the elections through other parties including old opposition parties like allegedly El Wafd party and new party like allegedly Al Masryeen Al Ahrar.
Of course some say that we can’t punish 3 million Egyptians and isolate them from political life just like potential presidential candidates like Moussa and ElBaradei said. Realistically speaking the public isolation is the best thing and this can be achieved if we launch and participate in this campaign to make it difficult for the former NDPians to win in major areas with huge youth’s population.
Do not underestimate this at all and remember real change starts with small positive step.
The change start with this fantastic song by none other the legendary Ahmed Adaweyah encouraging citizens to participate in the parliamentary elections and choose the better candidates that will serve the country and people for real and not those who bribe voters.
Adaweyah : El Ghayeb Maloush Nayeb “Who will be absent will not have a representative”
Hats off to those behind this clip especially the legendary Adaweyah. 

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