Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Who murdered Police General El Batran ? The EOHR asks and answers the question

The Egyptian organization for human rights held a press conference yesterday to announce the results the fact finding committee launched to investigate the murder of police general Mohamed El Batran at the Kat prison as well as the shooting that took place in Egyptian prisons.

The EOHR issued a report with the findings of the committee , here its link in Arabic for the current time.

The committee found out that El Batran was killed by police officers in the Kat prison by the order of other officers. Dr. Manal El Batran who spoke in the press conference added that the man who shot her brother is a police officer called Jihad Halwa by the orders of the prison’s commissioner Essam El Basrtai based upon the testimonies of the eye witnesses from both prisoners as well as police officers and conscripts at the prison.

The police conscripts who accompanied her late brother in jail confessed to Manal El Batran yet later they changed their confessions in front of the public prosecutor.

Halwa and El Basrtai were promoted by Eissawy who denies the allegations of El Batran’s family as well as the official forensic report. The official forensic report says that he was killed by a sniper’s rifle.

It is not the first time a human rights organization investigates this case , EIPR presented a report about the shooting of the prisoners in the Egyptian jails including the murder of police general Mohamed El Batran. 

Now I want to say something ; to all those feminists who only care on the position of the woman after the revolution , I hope that you take a look to the amazing and wonderful Dr. Manal El Batran , May Allah bless her and give her strength. A true Egyptian woman like Khaled Said’s mom.

Al Masry Al Youm : Part of the EOHR’s press conference about General El Batran’s murder

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  1. السؤال هل توجد اراده و نيه لتقديم القتله للعداله ؟ اعتقد لا علي الاقل ان شخصيا لم اري علامه علي ذلك ، تقديم قتله الشهيد اللواء البطران للعداله سيكشف تنظيم الفساد و الاجرام في وزارة الداخليه المسئول عن الانفلات الامني و البلطجه .


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