Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#Prisoners swap : Shalit in Egypt "Updated"

Palestinian POWs released 
Hamas has delivered Shalit from 2 hours ago and he is currently in Egypt.
Shalit has reportedly crossed the borders while wearing his military uniform which he was wearing when he was captured.
He was also accompanied by Hamas military branch. Thousands of Palestinians are waiting for the return of their prisoners, waiting for photos and videos. Gaza is celebrating from now.
Some of the prisoners will face exile, Turkey and Qatar offered to host them.
The prisoners will be transported by the Sinai university buses owned by Hassan Ratab, former NDPian and tycoon with many investments in Sinai.
Some media Reports say that Illan Grapel will also be swapped with our Egyptian prisoners as well today but with no confirmation.
@10:15 AM CLT
BBC reports that Shalit spoke with his family on the phone, the skinny boy has become Israel's most important POW. He is in the Israeli hands now.
It is unconfirmed that he is in his way to Israeli military base after he underwent medical checks in Egypt.
The swap of Palestinian prisoners started.
10 of the prisoners will go to Turkey, while 15 will head to Syria and another 15 will head to Qatar
The GIS is supervising the swap and Abu Mazen is nowhere to be seen.
@10:34 AM
Egypt will host Palestinian prisoner Amna Muna.
There is a GIS officer on every bus
According to the IDF spokesperson, he will be transferred to Kareem Shalom crossing where he will return back to Israel. Other sources say that he will be transferred to the Tel Nof airbase where his family and Bibi are there
The national Egyptian TV has aired the first footage for Shalit he looks fine and he changed his clothes as far as I see.
Here is the image
Gilad Shilat on Egyptian TV
Gilad Shalit on Egyptian TV
Here is a better photo after being transferred to Israel
Shalit with Israelis on Egyptian TV
Shalit with Israelis on Egyptian TV 
The Egyptian TV aired an interview with freed Palestinian POWs who chanted "long live Egypt, free and Arab" and thanked the Egyptian people.

The Egyptian TV has aired a short and exclusive interview with Gilad Shalit where he was interviewed by Shahira Amine for a couple of minutes.
Gilad Shalit speaks to Egyptian TV
By Amira Tahawy
He identified himself as Gilad Shalit and said that he was fine.
Shalit revealed that Hamas treated him well.
Shahira Amine asked him a great question if he is going to lobby for the rest of the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prison and he answered that he will.

Here is the interview

The international media is criticizing the interview because he seemed tired !!
Shalit is in Israel currently while the Palestinian prisoners are being received by Ismail Hania, the footage from there is on Egyptian TV and it is amazing.

Arab TV channels show heartbreaking stories from POWs like this lady who waited 20 years for her husband who was arrested after 20 days from their wedding.

There is also the famous Nail El Barghouti who is going to be released after being imprisoned in the age of 19. He is now 52 years old.
19 years old Nail and 52 years old Nail
@12:27 PM 
Abu Mazen spoke from a while ago and said some crap.
Here is a video from Shalit after being transported to Israel and Ido not know does this man suffer from something in general ??

@1:25 PM
And Stinky Bibi is speaking now in a speech, no doubt that he will use it to win many votes. Here is Shalit saluting him.
Khaled Mashal and some of the free prisoners are going to speak at a press conference in Cairo later today, this is the true presser we should follow.
3 planes from Turkey, Qatar and Syria have arrived Cairo.
It turned out that the Egyptian TV was only allowed in the crossing as far as I have known.
Since 2005 Israel has failed to know where Shalit was despite a full-scale war in Gaza and a blockade not to mention torture for Palestinian prisoners from Hamas.
Palestinian human rights organizations call Israeli authorities to release underage prisoners 
Potential presidential candidate Amr Moussa has praised the prisoners' swap and wish that this will be the first the step to free all Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prisons on his official twitter account. 
The former LAS general Secretary Moussa added on his official Facebook page the Palestinian issue needs a lot of work so the Palestinians restore their rights and have their independent State on the borders of  1967. 


  1. No, he suffered from being starved and kept out of the sun for more than 5 years. Compare that with how the Palestinian criminals and murders look after being kept in Israeli prisons. There is your answer.

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  3. Off-topic for this post, but possibly of interest to Zeinobia and her readers. I pass this along only informationally. I have no opinion about Ahmed Maher. Wired: Egypt’s Top ‘Facebook Revolutionary’ Now Advising Occupy Wall Street

  4. Murder of unarmed Jewish children in a pizza restaurant, unarmed elderly at a senior citizen's Passover dinner, unarmed soldiers in a holding cell.....peak moments in Arab civilization.

    It's a good thing, that Arabs don't expect any human consideration in return.


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