Wednesday, October 19, 2011

They were with him Even in the interview

I found this photo online in some Facebook page News groups close to Hamas as well as to RNN.
Galid Shalit was accompanied by the Qassam brigadier’s soldier even in the exclusive interview he made with Shahira Amin for the Egyptian TV !! He was in Egypt then.

Egyptian TV : Shalit interview
Already if you notice there were voices in the interview telling Amin that she should finish “Egyptian accent” , there was also this part when the translator missed one of her question and she wanted to hurry because he looked tired. Indeed the guy look tired , exhausted and excited.
The Israelis are attacking Amin online because they consider her cruel with Shalit while some Egyptians are also attacking Amin for smiling in his and treating him so nicely !! Others think that this interview was slap on the Mossad’s face for the second time because they did not know it.
Well the biggest slap to the Mossad is actually where Shalit was in those 5 years.
Shahira Amin spoke to Israeli TV later and said that all the questions she asked were not scripted by anyone and there were her own questions. Of course the last question was brilliant and Shalit’s answer on how he wishes all the Palestinian prisoners to be freed and how Palestine and Israel should have peace not to mention how he said that he was treated well by Hamas in the beginning was a real slap to the Israeli government.
Of course there are hundreds of Palestinian prisoners freed today , many met with their families for the first time after decades , their families’ happiness was overshadowed by the media coverage of Shalit’s release. Again the 1 :1027 !!
Anyhow Israeli active Still captured nice shots from East Jerusalem and Ramallah. 
From Ramallah
Release of prisoners, Ramallah, 18.10.2011.

From Jerusalem
Release of Palestinian prisoners, Jerusalem, 18.10.2011
And this man is Alaa El Din Ahmed Alpazian, a blind Palestinian who spent 30 years in Israeli jail, is seen in his home in Jerusalem with 4 of his sisters.
I love this one from East Jerusalem , click on it.
Release of Palestinian prisoners, Jerusalem, 18.10.2011
I do not think that the prisoners’ swap will help SCAF when it comes to the internal issues but it boosts the image of the General intelligence especially many people now believe that Mubarak was the one that stood in the deal in order to continue having power and to be needed by both the States and Israel.
Mashal while watching the swap
According to the leaked news this deal included an official apology from Israel to Egypt on the murder of our officers “ oh yes Barak issued it officially but it came during last sad week”.
Bibi got a good ticket against the social protests now using the national feelings.
I think the biggest loser in the prisoners swap is Abu Mazen.
This victory where everybody is happy is sponsored by the Egyptian revolution that gave the Egyptian negotiations according to Khaled Mashal as new power , a new strength to speak up and raise the bar.
Today the Palestinian prisoners and their families along millions of Palestinians are happy.
Today Galid Shalid , his families and many Israelis are happy.
Today Tawfik Okasha was sentenced 6 months in jail as well , it is a good day for us as well !!
By the way the negotiations about Illan Grapel have not finished yet.


  1. People were irritated because a journalist badgered a sick, exhausted young man, still in the hands of his captors. The irritation was forgotten when Shalit was restored to his family.

  2. Ahavat Eretz Israel10/19/2011 05:44:00 PM

    One upright brave soldier in exchange for 1027 murderers! Still a good deal for Israel, because it tells the world how much we care about each and everyone of ours. While the Arabs are busy killing each other.

  3. I'm glad you recognized the dissonance of interviewing Shalit, on Egyptian soil, under the armed presence of Hamas. Egyptians like yourself were outraged at the idea of possible Israeli military presence in border areas of Sinai. Good to see you are at least somewhat put off by armed Hamas militia in a position of control on Egyptian soil.

  4. "Slap in face," "Honor," "Justice," "Dignity," are culturally specific concepts. No idea of what points are being scored here.

    Egypt gained international prestige by having done the impossible. Egypt brokered a deal between Israel and Hamas, and made it stick.


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