Monday, October 17, 2011

Van Damme in Cairo

After Sean Penn , we got Van Damme in Cairo !!
Jean Claude Van Damme has arrived to Cairo today and tomorrow he will appear for the first time on TV with Sherif Amer and Lobna at 8 PM.
Honestly he seemed not to be enjoying the concert !!
I do not know why Al Hayat TV network “owned by Sayid Badawy , the Chairman of New Wafd party” is inviting but I believe Van Damme is using this invitation to correct his image after attending concert held on the birthday of Chechnya’s Moscow backed leader Ramzan Kadyrov.  Van Damme and Hilary Swank were slammed for attending that stupid celebration for this man accused o human rights crimes worldwide.
You know revolutionary Egypt and the amazing Tahrir square that inspired the Occupy movement worldwide is the best thing to prove that you are good revolutionary.
Anyhow welcome to Cairo Van Damme.
Here is the photo of Van Damme in Cairo airport .
at Cairo airport earlier today
Officially he is celebrating his 51st birthday in Egypt , so happy birthday ya Van


  1. He was in Sofia, Bulgaria after days :)

  2. Welcome Vandamme!

    Hes a great guy, doesnt matter who invites him.

  3. He rocked his birthday party in Egypt! Watch Rola Show for the celebration of his birthday, soon on Al Haya TV.
    BTW, he is not in Egypt to correct his image after visiting Chechnya. He is in Egypt to send a message of peace & love to the world.
    He said, "if you love me...please love each other."

  4. Nobody cares, but his first name is Jean-Claude, not Van. :-D

  5. welcome to egypt I hope you have enjoyed in Egypt, and thank you for accepting the invitation


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