Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Shalit deal : 81 for 2 or 81 for 1 "Updated"

Ok here is the latest development in our negotiations with Israel regarding Illan Grapel or what I consider our own Our Shalit Deal.
Unlike what was announced it will not be only Illan Grapel for 81 Egyptian prisoners , but it will be Illan Grapel and Ouda Tarabin according Haartez . If you do not know who Tarabin is , then please read this from the archives. Now other sources say that it is only Grapel for the 81 Egyptians  in the Israeli jails.
Those 81 Egyptians were imprisoned mostly for criminal reason , illegal immigration …etc. Among the Egyptians imprisoned in Israel a group of underage teenagers. 
The negotiations are between the GIS and the Israeli government as usual. 
Shalit will supposedly arrive Cairo in the upcoming 48 hours. Mashal also will head the Palestinian delegation that will receive the Palestinian POWs in Egypt according to some sources. The buses have already reached to the borders as far as I know
Update :
More information are revealed specially with Khaled Mashal's statements to Al Jazeera as well as leaks in the Egyptian media and Egyptian twitter world as ;)
This is not the result of new negotiations , on the contrary it is the result of the negotiations started in the days of Omar Soliman. According to Mashal's the Egyptian revolution gave a new spirit as well as power to the GIS officers on negotiation table "!!"
The GIS officers will accompany the buses in Israel to receive the POWs with lists to make sure that there is no  manipulation from the Israeli side.
According to Israeli TV ch.2 Hamas will represent Shalit to Red Cross envoy at 7 AM "means tomorrow" and the Red Cross will transfer to Cairo
Currently there is a huge security procedures at the Rafah crossing.
More to come.

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