Sunday, October 16, 2011

#Right2Vote : Good signs indeed

Last Sunday “9/10” when it had not turned yet to Black Sunday there were some news that indicated something good for Egyptians abroad was going to happen after their protests in front of our embassies :

The ministry of foreign affairs is ready to implement any electoral system for Egyptians abroad to vote in the elections.

The ministry of foreign affairs has already made 3 scenarios for voting process abroad once the government and SCAF grant the Egyptians abroad right to vote. Also it turned out that no country has objected to have Egyptian elections for expats abroad. I will assume that this includes Gulf countries.

The ministry also announced that next October 25th there will be a meeting among the ministries and the authorities involved in this matter to discuss it.

Of course due to the fact it was Black Sunday , nobody paid attention to and even if it did , the disaster we had was enough to make you forget it.

During the week there were news from the ministry of interior that it began to send delegation from civil registry department to our embassies in EU as well as the States to issue the new National ID card for the Egyptians abroad. Already that delegation is currently in London if my information is not wrong.

Now after a whole sad week we find more promising news related to the right 2 vote for Egyptians abroad that indicate something is going to happen after all.

Essam Sharaf  held yesterday a meeting with representatives from SCAF and the high elections commission as well as a group of ministers including interior , telecommunications , foreign affairs to discuss the right to vote of Egyptians abroad in order to issue decree with important right.  The upcoming decree to be issued by SCAF soon insh Allah from what I understand from media report will allow Egyptians to vote in the presidential elections and referendum.

The Egyptians abroad will not vote in the parliamentary elections because it will be difficult based on the fact the parliamentary elections are based on electoral districts. To be honest I can’t find how they can’t really participate in the parliamentary elections when I think about it .

Logically even if it is possible for the Egyptians abroad to participate in the parliamentary elections , I think it will be hard in this short period considering our parliamentary elections will be held next November insh Allah.

Anyhow the presidential elections and referendums are extremely important.

These are extremely good indications and signs.

According to estimations not less than 10 million Egyptian live abroad.

There is always hope , this revolution taught me this.

I will keep you updated


  1. Thanks Zeinobia for the info! We are about to start to compile a directory of all the Egyptians living here in the States and we'll see how we can still influence the parlimentary elections, possibly through the 'call back home' campaign. Please continue to keep us updated!


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