Sunday, October 2, 2011

Road to civil State : Why the Clubs and syndicates’ elections are important more than anytime now

It is the season of the elections in Syndicates, unions and sports’ clubs and it is more than changing old corrupted NDP faces in the revolution time.
Nobody is paying attention to the importance of these elections in clubs and syndicates except none other than the Muslim brotherhood according to what I see in front of me.
The importance of these elections come the fact that the provisional assembly that will put the upcoming constitution must include representatives from syndicates , unions and clubs to ensure the biggest representation of the public when it put down the constitution.
The Muslim brotherhood want to make sure that they are reserving seats in advance at the provisional assembly that will put down our next constitution in a legal way whether you like it or not.
I will not attack or blame them because they are doing their homework well , the blame is on others who do not think for the future.
This is democracy along with politics , either you are ready to play it or not.


  1. Well, it is my first time to know that constitutional committe should have representaticves from clubs and syndicates.

    On of my ikhwan friends (won in 6 october club elections) entered elections (and won), just for helping the community and having more effect on a wide-range community. Thinking about constitutional committe have never come to his/their mind.


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