Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Road to Civil State : Let the political game starts for real

And as I expected SCAF and the government have retired and now they withdrew all the controversial articles regarding the army’s position and issues in the state as well all the articles related to the choice of the provisional assembly.

Ali El Salmi and other ministers mainly with political and partisan history like Mounir Abdel Nour of tourism “Al Wafd like El Salmi” , Amr Helmi of health “Leftist” and Emad Ghazi “Nationalist leftist” had talk with political parties and groups in Egypt on Monday and Tuesday till they reach to the agreement that please all : All the controversial articles will be removed and it is not an obligatory document but more of a guideline document

The most important amendments in the supra constitutional principles documents :

  • Articles no.9 and no.10 related to the army issues are completely cancelled.
  • The army is not the protector of the constitutional legitimacy
  • The military budget will be discussed either in a secret session in the parliament or by the national security committee in the parliament. “There is unclear talk about it but I think when time come , we will have a lot of discussion about this and it is expected”
  • The provisional assembly will be made of 100 member from inside and outside the parliament.
  • In the new amendments there are nothing mention on how many members from inside or outside the parliament will be elected to the provisional assembly.
  • All the articles related about SCAF’s interfere in the provisional assembly are cancelled.

Even if this document is just general guideline about universal human rights for the provisional assembly and not an obligatory one , the people of Egypt should approve or reject in a referendum. It is their right.

I believe these concessions from SCAF and government’s side were made for two reasons :

  • The Upcoming elections
  • The upcoming protest in Tahrir square on November 18th.

Ayman Nour revealed on his official twitter account yesterday the political parties and powers reached to an agreement , all the controversial articles are dropped especially 9 and 10 and that his party will approve the supra-constitutional principle if the the amendments are approved and applied.

توصلنأ آلان لتعديلآت جوهريه علي وثيقة السلمي خاصه م ٩ و١٠ بصورة تسمح لحزب غد الثوره بسحب اعتراضه علي الوثيقة إذا تم الالتزام بتعديلآت اليومTue Nov 15 14:09:24 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

The Muslim brotherhood announced that it will support the document and approve it if the amendments are approved and applied.

Now it turned out that Mamdouh Hamza and other politicians are behind the original document , Hamza admitted that all the army related articles were suggested by Ali El Salmi. What is amazing in the whole issue is neither Hamza nor El Salmi are law or constitutional experts !!!!!!!!!

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  1. The road to civil State means to start campaigning for real...


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