Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Syrian Revolution : LAS to send Observers “Graphic”

From short time ago the Arab league has decided to send observers to Syria in the next 3 days if the Syrian regime approves the Arab initiative and signs an agreement to open its doors to the Arab and international observers. The Arab league wants to send international observers as well.

I do not know if Syria will accept or not but I know that these three days are not enough to hide the Syria regime’s crimes like what is going on in Homs and Hama.

Hopefully the Syrian regime will accept it and allow the observers to come and see what is going on especially in Homs in order to give the people of Homs and Hama some time to rest after the daily massacres taking place there.

These videos showing dead bodies in the street allegedly in Homs , the video clip were reportedly filmed and uploaded on November 14th and 15th “Extremely graphic”

Homs : Dead bodies in the street on November 14th

Homs : Bodies in the street on November 15th

Of course today after the meeting of LAS in Rabat , the Moroccan embassy in Damascus has joined the club of the attacked embassies in Damascus that includes : Saudi Arabia, Kuwait , Emirates , Qatar and Turkey aside from the residence of the American ambassador. Hopefully Egypt will join this club one day , I feel that Egypt should have a bigger role but it is God’s well , anyhow the Syrians know how Egypt and Egyptians truly and honestly love Syria.

My only condolence is that the secretary general of LAS is known to be the representative of the Egyptian regional policies.

By the way can I understand what this mad man called Rafaat El Assad who wants to be the president of Syria and presents himself as the savior of the Syrian people !? This man should be prosecuted for human rights crimes , this is the original infamous war criminal that killed not less than 40,000 Syrians in Hama . For God sake bloody Bashar and his wacko brother have not killed yet as much Syrians as that man called Rafaat El Assad.

I do not understand why the Syrians abroad do not sue his ass and send him behind bars where ever he is.

Here is a video showing the attack of El Assad thugs on a funeral of a young who was killed by the security forces.Unarmed civilians were killed and injured on the hands of the security forces that opened their fire on the people.

Damascus : The attakc on civilians during a funeral in Damascus

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