Thursday, November 17, 2011

#Kuwait : Occupy Parliament “Live”

There is something going in Kuwait and it is something big.
Protesters have stormed the Kuwaiti parliament and currently are having a sit in inside the parliament. In other words : The Kuwaiti protesters have occupied the Kuwaiti Parliament for a while before forced to leave by security forces.
Storming the Kuwait parliament by Mubarak El Hakan
Entering the Kuwaiti parliament by Mubarak El Hakan
The protesters along with activists and supporters from opposition members in the parliament including Islamists are having a sit in at a space called El Erda now. The protesters are demanding the dissolution of the parliament and the resignation of the prime minister. The protesters are demanding the Amir of Kuwait to use his powers to dissolve the parliament because it is corrupted just as the current cabinet if I understand correctly.

I do not know the exact number of protesters as it is unclear as some speaks about dozens while others speaks about tens to hundreds.
There are security forces as well as special forces. The protesters are urged not to attack the forces and keep it peaceful.
Already there is extremely active hashtag from Kuwait called #Erda if you are interested in following what is taking place tonight in the city of Kuwait. Interestingly enough the protesters are badly attacked on twitter by other Kuwaitis who consider them as attackers and saboteurs and even agents of foreign countries.
There was a crack down on freedoms in Kuwaiti lately , two bloggers were imprisoned for criticizing the ruling family there on twitter !! There are a  lot of rumors speaking about martial laws coming in the way in Kuwait and the resignation of the minister of health there.

@12:51 Cairo local time

Some Kuwaiti tweep says that fours car left the Amir’s prince and it is believed that the Amir is in this convey heading to the Erda square.
It turned out that the Security forces attacked the protester after the storming of the parliament, the peaceful unarmed protesters who in return chanted “Leave , leave” to the forces. Here is a video captured from some Kuwaiti channel.
Kuwait : Leave , leave
According to Kuwaiti newspaper Al Kuwaitiah minister of health Halel El Sayer has resigned yet it is not accepted yet. The minister resigned to object the attack on the protesters.

@1:02 AM Cairo local time

Another video from “El-Erda” square where protesters chant “The people want to be the decision maker”

There are tweets from Kuwait claiming that the security forces are leaving El Erda space. One of the members of the parliament threats to install tents in the space and start a sit till the cabinet resigns.
El Erda in Arabic means Will , it is the word Anglina Jolie got on her arm as tattoo
More photos from Kuwaiti activist and head of Kuwait students union Mubarak El Hakan.
Standing against security forces
Inside Kuwaiti parliament

@1:37 AM Cairo local time

According to tweep Mona Kareem most of the protesters left the Erda space by now still there are others who are staying.

Ok so things are really calm now. People left, some are staying over in #erada square. Looking forward to the emergency meeting #KuwaitWed Nov 16 23:19:38 via web
Here is a video showing the protesters breaking in to the parliament.
Kuwait : Breaking in to Kuwaiti parliament
Here is a video for the protesters breaking in to the main hall of the parliament known as Abdullah Salem hall. “Named after the Amir who ruled Kuwait during the independence who was friend of Nasser by the way”
Kuwait : Storming Abdullah Salem hall in the parliament
Here is another video showing the protesters at Erada chanting people want to topple the prime minister.
Kuwait : At Erada square
Here are high resolution photos for protesters while they clashes with the security forces and later inside the parliament from Al Sharq newspaper.
The security forces used rubber bullets against the protesters.
From Q8Ping

@12:05 PM Cairo local time

Conflicting reports that the Kuwaiti parliament has been dissolved.


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