Friday, November 4, 2011

New Libya : Big attack on Qatar

Almost all the Egyptian websites are featuring what Abdel Rahman Shalgam allegedly said in about Qatar , the former foreign minister opened his fire in Qatar in an Abdullah Kamel Style literally in a way that does not suit a veteran diplomat like him !!
In that alleged interview Shalgam calls the Libyans to resist Qatar insisting that Libya will not be the Emirate of Prince Hamd. Just like Kamel in Rosa Al Youssef Shalgam says that Libya will not be ruled by an alley and that if we combine the number of the Libyan martyrs, injured and missing they will be more than Qatari people !!
According to El Ahram gate this interview was published in Algerian Al Khabar and of course based on old experience as well as based on Algerian regime from the Arab revolutions especially its position from what is taking place in Libya made think me that it could be fake interview made to create a crisis between Qatar and Libya. Of course it turned out to be a real interview but in Algerian Al Khabar but rather with DW Arabic service in a TV discussion about the challenges facing the New Libya state and NTC.
Here is the interview from DW Arabic Service.

Yes Prince Hamd and his regime are playing some unknown role in the region in a way that we do not understand yet we can not blame any country for having ambitions. You can call the Qatari regime whatever you want but I think the Qatari people do not deserve to ridicule every now and then and reminded that their country is small thus they are nothing according to sick people like Shalgam and Kamel.
I am afraid to say that NTC owes Qatar and the Qataris , the real owners of their nation’s wealth a big thing whether they like or not.
Shalgam warns the Prince of Qatar from turning in to another Qaddafi , well I felt he was turning in to another Qaddafi himself.
I am not defending any regime here but I am fed up from that supremacy that some suffer from in Egypt and the Arab world


  1. I am surprised to read such a strange and surreal assessment from you.
    Could it be that you just want to defend Qatar's ultra-fundamentalist movements, i.e. the Salafi??? Qatar is behind the Maspero incident. They want to turn Egypt and any other country where revolutions took place into Islamic states, so that their islamo-royal systems can prevail. Same goes without saying for KSA.

  2. i'm afraid your very niave with regards to libya, yes the qaddafi regime had to go, but what you have instead is very unclear and the mishaps an internal conflicts within the NTC are worrysome, they even settled scores even before entering libya, both the UAE and Qatar are playing a grande game in Libya, unclear motives and the country is awash with weapons from both, why?

  3. @anonymous#1 , one thing for sure about Maspero incident , it was not caused by Qatar , it is easy to blame foreign countries and not to blame ourselves, is not it !!

  4. Can someone please translate this into English because I have no idea what this post is saying.

  5. Sudanese Observer11/05/2011 12:35:00 PM

    Shalgam is a disgusting turncoat.
    It took him 30 years to realise that Qathafi was a corrupt, evil psycopath...?
    People like him and Al-Treiki should be considered personae non gratae in Sudan for the crimes they aided and abetted in during their long years working for the psycopath.
    If Shalgam had any dignity he would retire for public life and atone and pay pennance for condoning and participating in Qadhafi's evil.
    Power is not determined by size...
    Libya's deserts might be vast and its oil wealth large but its population was and continues to be relatively smaller than 'all' its neighbouring States...
    Yet this did not deter Qathafi from making sure Libya had a big, 'debilitating' role in the region and the world...
    Qatar on the other hand has had a profoundly more dynamic and positive impact through Al-Jazeera's encouragement of awareness of the region's issues by its people in an intelligent soft power capacity.
    Qatar also mediated and averted a constitutional crisis in Lebanon, attempted to mediate between Yemen's government and the Houthis, successfully mediated a rapprochement between Sudan and Eritrea and hosted Darfur peace talks for a number of years.
    People with Shalgam's backward, regressive, childishly jealous attitude should have no place in the post Spring Arabic speaking world.
    Shalgam was probably rightfully refused public office by the NTC and is venting out his frustration on Qatar.
    He should thank God he isn't being persecuted by the NTC...
    Hif former boss assassinated dissidents with Shalgam's knowledge. A cruel reciprocal fate would see any person who spent so much time with
    Franken-Qathafi should quarantined.


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