Sunday, December 25, 2011

Beware the dangerous Revolutionary socialists !!

In the mid of last week on Tuesday  amidst the terrible clashes between security forces and protesters I found people sending me a clip through twitter through out the day as well being shared all over the Facebook.
Sameh Naguib : Bringing down the state clip
This clip was a part of a lecture held by the Revolutionary Socialists from couple of weeks ago after the  clashes of Mohamed Mahmoud street , the speaker is Sameh Naguib and he says that the revolutionary socialists want to bring down the state and the army because this is corrupted state following the Pentagon , Israel and Saudi Arabia adopting greedy capitalistic systems. Naguib added that there will be more sacrifice and that the frustrated young students ,poor workers , women and Christians will join them in their quest.
Of course uncle Hossam El Hamalawy and Kamel Khalil appear in the clip as well.
In a country where its people that are extremely worried about the future and fear violence as well trying to understanding and to know who is that unnamed third party being accused by SCAF and authorities in all the clashes for months , to know who is trying to turn the people against the army regardless of the SCAF policies the Revolutionary socialists were the golden suspect if they were not the accused and guilty of that in the eyes of some many people because of this small clip !!
It is worth to mention there was something in the air when it comes to the Revolutionary socialists as well as the anarchists , Salafists TV shows and clerics began to speak about them days before that clip made its way to the public in a silly way with accusations to the Revolutionary socialists of being funded by the CIA !!!!!!
I do not know how the commies will be funded by CIA !!
I totally understand the panic of the people after watching that video that seemed to be the Christmas gift to SCAF to prove that there is a third party involved in the clashes. Seriously it was a golden gift without doubt.
Of course the Revolutionary Socialists could not stand till they find a true witch hunt against them , they held press conferences , issued press statements and spoke to the media. They did not deny that they want to down the state and to down the army because they believe that this is unjust police and military state that is biased to the rich and taking orders from the States , Israel and the Gulf. They do no deny that they support protests and strikes , they did not deny it because this is what they believe in.
People also looked to the matter as a trend after the media witch hunt following April 6th Youth movement we got the leftists.
Anyhow there was interesting and alarming development yesterday we found a news in Ikwan Online , the official website of the MB a lawyer called Hassan Tag El Din “A MB member” , a man called Hassan Kabany from some movement called “ Journalists for reform” and Aya Allah Hosny , a media research have filed today a report to the public prosecutor against 3 members of the revolutionary socialists of inciting violence to down state and burning down state properties. The dangerous thing is that the public prosecutor referred to the high state security prosecution by for the dangerous claims in the report
These three are Sameh Naguib , Yasser Abdelkawy and Hisham Yosry , interesting enough Sameh Naguib is the only real and true Revolutionary socialist among the three while Abdelkawy is an anarchist and Hisham Yosri is an independent activist or rather protest who is not a member of any party or group.
Naguib does not deny of course what he had said in the video as I hinted above while Yosri had a different story. It turns out on the bloody Friday night he tweeted that he and the protesters were going to set the parliament on fire so those are dying on seats there would not get it in reference to MBs because of letting down the protesters. Yosri says that he did not mean thing for real about. 

Yosri changed his twitter bio from “street wars expert” to blank and changed his avatar to a new one , he also deleted the the violent tweets. I hope that he will not get more trouble.
Abdelkawy’s tweets are radical and violent and nobody can’t deny this , his tweets are being used in the Pro-SCAF and Anti-Revolution FB pages and websites as an evidence on how the revolutionaries and the anarchists call for bringing down the state and the army to the end of that talk.Not only Abdelkawy’s tweets but other anarchists as well to be fair as we have seen in the past few days in the Facebook pages.
These tweets are not only being used by those against the revolution but as they scare normal people , the non-politicalized people who open twitter with no background about anarchism to find extremely angry ad violent tweets wrote in intense times attacking peaceful revolution , it scares them because they are in the end they are humans with no ideologies who are so concerned and worried from violent clashes.
Now back to what happened yesterday , well you can imagine how the activists were angry from the MB, it was another reason to hate the brotherhood which is currently accused of abandoning the revolution for the sake of the parliament and having deals with SCAF. Many people among the activists hate the brotherhood now , no one can deny it.
Despite the official twitter accounts of the MB in Arabic and English made it clear that Tag El Din was acting individually and that his action is not related from near or far to the brotherhood.
The Rev Socialists did not stand still in front of that stab by the Muslim brotherhood but they reminded them on how they stood with them during the black years of Mubarak era , when the same Sameh Naguib stood and praised Khairat El Shater.
Sameh Naguib praises El Shatar
Today after huge criticism Hassan Tag El Din has withdrew the reported he filed at the prosecution office.
I hate this part but I told and warned our tweeps that any tweet calling for violence will be used against us from several months ago and this is what is happening , there were signs for this starting with Israa Abdel Fatah’s tweet but no one paid attention to this open world because of the blind anger as well arrogance.
I know some of the revolutionary socialists and they are dear friends despite our different views , they love Egypt in their own way like everyone of us. You must know that any political power in Egypt has its own for the state principle and must leave with that.
Just any political power in Egypt from Kefaya to April 6 Youth to the Muslim brotherhood , they are members of our revolution and active members as well. No one can ignore how they stood with everybody before the revolution especially when it comes to labor’s rights.
Agree or disagree with their point of views but we need them in our Egypt just like we need any other political movement in Egypt.
Divide conquer is working a charm as far as I could in Egypt as we are seemed to be divided like in no other way.


  1. that damn campaign on the revolutionary socialists is a a great propaganda for them

  2. "Many people hate the brotherhood now , no one can deny it. " Really. Hate is a strong word for the most popular party in Egypt one which all other mainstream ones accept as a valid part of the new political arena. But if as you say a tiny minority (you sue the word "many") do hate them...well thats fine but to attempt to destabilise the current situation where we are trying to gently ease the military from power? You must admit that the vast majority of egyptian do not suport such anarchistic policies. We may "hate" the military but we won't to avoid giving them an excuse to clamp down on freeedoms and curtail a democratci transition. It appears the anarchists agree with them on that. SO who should we support. the minority of scaf, the socialist/anarchist minority? Or the main parties of the revolution representing the vast majority of Egyptians.

  3. Dear Anonymous , I agree with that it was not the suitable word as I meant that they are being hated among activists.
    I do admit that the majority of Egyptians are against the anarchistic policies

  4. Well said Zeinoubia. However even among "activists" the Islamic trend is the dominant one.

  5. The socialists are blaming the capitalist powers (and they are right to see an unholy alliance of USA, Israel and the "old boys' network" together with SCAF) for the poverty of too many Egyptians. The old system did create growth and wealth for a few at the expense of the many. They want to bring down such kind of a system. They surely don't want anarchy (that is cheap propaganda).
    Of course until now not a single socialist system did succeed in bringing prosperity to all. usually in the end everybody is equally poor.

    The MB say that if Islamic values were strictly applied, such unfair imbalance in wealth would disappear. They have hijacked the "revolution" in the sense, that the activists did never bring Mubarak down out of religious motives.

    People vote for religious values because secular values did not work for the majority of them.

    Of course until now there is no Muslim country that is an economic success story. Actually: There is no country at all that is successful with a religious government. That is why religion is NOT the answer.

    SCAF, however, benefited profoundly from the old system. The army managed to build their own business empire (which is unique world-wide) within the Egyptian economy. The army did amass so much funds that they could even Egypt's Central Bank (hilarious!).
    Now the army's problem was a senile Mubarak under the influence of his wife and his son Gamal. My guess is, that the army considered the greed of the Mubarak clan and their cronies a threat to their system (i.e. working in the shadow of public attention). The revolution was a gift from heaven, as it offered a means to the army to take the Mubaraks out and this in a way, that was approved both by the people and by the global community, most important by USA, because the latter can continue with the army as usual.

    IMHO, all this is still a coup by the military. A very clever one indeed! The army is the true hijacker of the "revolution".

    Unfortunately the activists failed to form a strong political movement. Their demands for freedom and democracy are falling on deaf ears amongst the Egyptians at large, who demand a job, a decent salary and a future for themselves and their kids.

    The majority of the people are neither tweeps nor facebookies. They don't read blogs. They know Mubarak since they were born and they know religion since they were born. The first one was taken from them. They will not abandon the other.

  6. Zeinobia wrote:
    "Of course the Revolutionary Socialists ...
    .... they held press conferences , issued press statements and spoke to the media. They did not deny that they want to down the state and to down the army because they believe that this is unjust police and military state that is biased to the rich and taking orders from the States , Israel and the Gulf. They do no deny that they support protests and strikes , they did not deny it because this is what they believe in."

    Here is a statement they wrote in English:
    Statement issued on 21 December 2011 by the Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt]
    "Yes … we do want the downfall of the state of tyranny, poverty and dependency

  7. oui on parle de l'armée mais il son aussi la défense du pays en cas de guerre.
    et c'est triste de voir des religieux q il veule la charria l économie de l'égypte et critique moi les islamistes c 'est plus de pauvreté si ya plus de tourisme'
    et même une guerre civil de quoi il vaut vire les égyptiens.
    les saoudiens finance les islamiste mais eux en arabie saoudite il vive ya du pétrole .
    et le pèlerinages a la mecque alors .
    la populations augmente qui va nourrir ses gens.
    rien n ' est gagné.

  8. How did the MB stand for labor right? Elaborate, please.

  9. Oh no! Those 2 hated & feared words together-revolutionary & socialist. Socialist? Isn't that what some people call Obama. Its gotta be really bad then, doesn't it.
    Beware of the Revolutionary Socialists. Aren't the Swedish Socialists? They don't seem that scary. As for the Revolutionary bit. Yeah sure, the CIA are as revolutionary & socialist as Lenins grandma.
    I am afraid workers need to defend workers rights. They can't expect clerics do that, or businessmen or the military. They are going to be severely disappointed if they do.

  10. Must read. SCAF closing shops selling alcohol. Wafd says 9/11 was inside job and Anne Frank's diary fake. Copts fleeing to US in droves. Family flees Egypt when doctor offers free clitorectomy.


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