Sunday, December 25, 2011

From a Year ago

On December 25th,2010 I began to blog about that thing taking place in Tunisia and on December 25th ,2011 I am watching an interview with the new president of Tunisia on Egyptian TV channel.

On December 25th, 2010 I wrote “ Sidi Bou Zid revolt : It is a bias world my dear

I was criticizing how the media , the international and regional media completely ignored this revolt taking place growing in to uprising growing in to a revolution. I can’t express my words on how I feel when I remember these day , when I began to read more about Tunisia and learn the names of its cities by heart like all those cities I knew in Libya , Yemen , Bahrain , Oman and Syria.

Have I ever imagined it !? Well I used to call it uprising before it would turn in to revolution but I never imagined these protests in Sidi Bou Zid would turn the world upside down including my own personal world.

Am I a little jealous from Tunisia ? Well yes a little but I know it will not be an easy ride for Egypt because We are highly complicated big country and nation. Some say that Napoleon once described Egypt as the heart of the old world in his speech at the Pyramids to his army , you can imagine us now having an open heart operation in Egypt.

On December 17th a young man called Mohamed Bou Azizi torched himself after being slammed by a policewoman , it was the spark that changed the lives not only millions of Tunisians but also millions of Arabs. One thing for sure God created Mohamed Bou Azizi for this moment. May Allah bless your soul Bou Azizi and all the martyrs of Tunisian revolution.

From a year ago I started blogging and following Tunisia without knowing that in a year I would be watching its new president who was once a dissident living in an exile for nearly 2 decades.

From a year ago I started to record a history of a great revolution that would extend to other countries without knowing it !!

Thank God for Tunisia.


  1. I hope you understand that this chapter of Egypt's history is far from over. The fight for democracy will take more than elections to accomplish. This is a fight for power and money. It will be no easy fight. We wish you well.

  2. Thank God for people as you, Zeinobia!

    I have friends in Tunisia and after I read your report about Mohamed Bou Azizi I asked them about what was going on. They replied: "Everything is normal. Nothing is happening. This report is exaggerating ..."

    A week later they told me: "You were right!"


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