Sunday, December 25, 2011

#FreeAlaa : Alaa is released !!

This is the good news of the day indeed.
Our dear blogger and activist Alaa Abdel Fatah Seif has been released pending investigation by the judge on Sunday.
I hope the people leave Alaa for couple of weeks to enjoy some time with his born son Khaled and his wife Manal before heading to Tahrir square.
Thank God 10000000000 times and hopefully the rest of innocent detainees will be released.
Alaa Abdel Fatah Seif was accused in the Maspero clashes which are being investigated now by civilian judge after month in front of Military judiciary followed by state security court then a civilian judge.
Here is the first photo showing Alaa Abdel Fatah as a free man outside the jail , he has been always a free man.
This is the first photo after release.
Holding baby Khaled by MRS.Azza Shaban 
With Manal , Khaled and Dr. Laila "By Mona Seif"
And as expected Alaa headed to Tahrir square after his release.

At Tahrir square "Source : unknown"

Alaa said the following to the media
The big happy day will come when we find Hamdy Badeen behind bars playing in his nose while being on trial for killing protesters.

 Here is a beautiful photo from Alaa's house
Manal , Alaa and Khaled
Alaa is going to appear tomorrow with Yosri Fouda at 11 PM Cairo local time by the way.
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  1. Glad to read that he was released. Hopefully for good.

  2. Million Mabrok but, Please lets not be fooled by any further subsolutions by the SCAF. Alaa freedom was guarrantted because he was not accused by anything. They were detainning hin merely to release in relevant time according to the circumstances. Our target is complete freedom, justice and decent life, without ignoring sentence to the real criminals. Mubark, and parteners

  3. gr8 post.. need to do something


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