Sunday, December 11, 2011

#egyelections : The final results of the first stage

And here are the final results of the first stage from the parliamentary elections in Egypt after the rerun offs that were held last week in 9 governorates , you can check the results of the first results without the runoffs here.

  • The Muslim brotherhood’s FJ party got 36 single seats and 44 lists seats.
  • The Nour party bloc got 6 single seats and 28 list seats
  • The Egyptian bloc got 2 single seats and 16 list seats
  • The Revolution continues got 3 single seats and 4 list seats
  • El Wafd party got 1 single seat and 11 list seats
  • El Wasat got 4 list seats
  • El Adl got 1 single seat
  • Reform and Development party got 2 list seats
  • The Freedom party got 1 single seat and 1 list seat
  • Nationalist Misr party got 1 single seat and 1 list seat
  • The independent candidates got 2 single seats.

The total single seats in the first stage excluding the Sahal constituency in Cairo are 54 single seats whether professional or labor/farm seats.

The total lists seats in the first excluding the Sahal constituency are 112 seats. Of course I am still clueless about the lists seats calculations , I feel so stupid.

Here is a very important graph by dear Hany Rasmy and Evan Hill for the final result of the first stage of Egyptian parliamentary elections.

First of all there are certain remarks about the results of the rerun offs :

  • The Muslim brotherhood won the majority
  • The Salafists lose in front of the Muslim brotherhood.
  • The liberals began to have a good chance in the elections by uniting their efforts and votes behind single candidate.
  • We need the breakdown of the single seats and by this I mean the labor/peasant seats
  • People are not naïve but rather search for good candidate they know and the best example for this is in Port Said on how El Badry Farghaly, the famous leftist labor activist has won the labor single seat there against his Salafist rival despite the terrible campaign he was facing.
  • The lists seats are helping the parties without doubt especially the Muslim brotherhood because knowing my people and how they do not get that system easily , I know many have chosen and will choose the Muslim brotherhood because they know them. 
  • The Nour party has paid the price of its members radical statements in the media , it has lost about 20 seats. Of course now they have launched a counter campaign trying not to scare the people from them especially the tourism sector that does not deny its sector to the Egyptian bloc.
  • The MB and Salafists depend in the country side and Upper Side as it seems.
  • The myth of the NDP’s control is exposed worldwide.
  • We need a breakdown for the votes outside Cairo in order to know the power not only the Salafists or MB but for all parties , it is the simplest thing if we are going to speak about partisan life


  1. Hi, download this PDF document. It will help you understand how the lists are calculated

  2. salem j aime beaucoup votre blogue suis algerienneje vie en France je suis l 'actualité en égypte '
    allez au travail avant de parler des lois religieuse il faut s'occuper du chômage de l 'économie du pays la santé la pollution
    j ai des amis égyptiens qui son inquiet pour le tourisme il vive de sa '
    les salafiste on fait des discout inquiétant il veule diminuer les touristes '
    de quoi l'egypte va vivre '
    moi je fait du tourisme depuis 15 ans en égypte'
    je suis musulmans est je respecterais les coutumes du pays alors messieurs les députés a vous de réglementé sans faire peur au touriste'
    les militaires ne serais pas d'accord avec les islamiste ' il parle déjà de bikini est l alcool'les chose urgente son la pauvreté des gens il faut l éducation pour tous'
    alors messieurs les député au travail le peuple égyptien vous jugera au promesses''le monde vous regarde cars l égypte c est la perle du monde' est la anciennes civilisations du monde'
    l égypte au travail'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

  3. Dear Zeinobia could you post something about the new "Advisory Council" of SCAF? And in this connection one interesting question: Is the Council's President Mansour Hassan the father in law of former transport minister and billionaire Mohammed Mansour?


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