Sunday, December 11, 2011

RIP Ahmed Bahgat

Late Ahmed Bahgat "1932-2011"
Egypt , the Arab and Muslim world have lost today one of the best writers and journalists ever , the Arab literature has lost today another giant and that giant’s name was Ahmed Bahgat.
Ahmed Bahgat was born on November 15th,1932 in Cairo. Despite he was graduated from the faculty of law , Cairo university he started his long career in journalism in Akhbar Al Youm newspaper in 1955 before moving to Sabah Al Kheir magazine in 1957 then to Ahram newspaper in 1958 where he worked there till death.
My generation knows Ahmed Bahgat as a novelist and a columnist , as a sarcastic critic and a poetic Sufi
Bahgat had that daily column in the second page of Daily Ahram newspaper which millions read and followed everybody including me that used to be called “Sandok El Donia” or “The Universe’s box” where he spoke about everything as I recall especially religion from a Sufi perspective.
Bahgat also wrote the script of a short daily radio show “Kilmitein Wa Bass” {Two words} that used to be narrated by Fouad El Mohandes in early morning which we used to hear when we were in our way to school and our parents were in their way to their work. The show used to criticize sarcastically the conditions in Egypt.
His book “Allah’s prophets” is still one of the best selling books in Egypt , Dar Al Shorouk publishing house printed from it 36 editions. Bahgat wrote the stories of prophets starting with Adam and ended by prophet Mohamed peace upon them from the Holy Quran perspective. He dedicated this book to Archangel Gabriel.
His  book “The stories of animals in the Holy Quran” for children was another best selling in Egypt and the Arab world and was translated to French and German. It was presented in animated series last Ramadan. It is about the stories of the animals mentioned in the Holy Quran like Prophet/King Solomon's hoopoe and Prophet Jonah’s whale.
Bahgat wrote for children this simplified series of illustrated Prophets’ stories with the help of legendary illustrator and cartoonist Mustafa Hussien , I am from the generation who had these stories.
Unlike what you think Bahgat  wrote wonderful books as well columns about Sufism and Sufi poetry like “Love for Sufis”
Ironically today we are celebrating the centennial of our famous Naguib Mahfouz and unfortunately after this sad news I can’t celebrate , I just can’t May Allah bless their souls both.

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  1. Today is my birthday and I was having a fab day until I heard the sad news.

    Also one of his excellent sarcastic novels is "Tohotmos 400 be sharta" , a hilarious story about Egypt's first trip to the moon ending up in a total fiasco, after the astronauts end up travelling to Mars instead:)

    RIP Ahmed Bahgat,one of my favourite Egyptian writers; Allah yerhamo wa Yaghferlo wa yag3al kabroh Rawda men Ryad Aljanah.

  2. Dear Zeinobia,
    Not only was he a great writer and columnist but a wonderful kind and humble human being, his love for animals and his stories about his relationship with cats and dogs make you cry and laugh and feel the loss of such a kinder spirit. May Allah bless his soul.

  3. @Zeinobia, You like ElBaradei so you may be interested in Video: El Naschie on ElBaradei and nukes.

  4. للفقيد الرحمة ولمصر كلها خالص العزاء

  5. You do know when you're posting pdf links to copyright material, you're encouraging piracy? You're not doing him a favor when you're helping to make his material available for free.

  6. Sudanese Observer12/15/2011 04:48:00 PM

    Our condolences.


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