Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Kefaya :)

On that date from seven years ago the Egyptian movement for change “Kefaya” did the unthinkable ; it held a public protest against the Mubarak rule and his son’s succession plan at the supreme court in Cairo.
#Jan25 New Hope
Taken on January 25, 2011
There is no doubt that Kefaya played a critical role in our Egyptian revolution as the movement that managed to break all the taboos , that fear barrier to stand united despite all political differences and background against Mubarak’s dictatorship and his fearful police state.
Kefaya is without doubt the mother movements of all political movements in Egypt after 2005 including April 6th Youth movement. Kefaya was not only inspiring movement in Egypt but also to other movements in Arab countries when I remember including Yemen.
I can’t do anything except sending my greetings and wishing to the Egyptian movement for change and its members like George Isaac , Abdel Halim Kandil , Magdy Hussein ,Karima Hefny, Abdel Galil Mustafa and the amazing late Abdel Wahab El Messiry.
I hope that we learn an important lesson from the Kefaya’s experience : unity.
Happy birthday Kefaya.
Thank you Kefaya.


  1. Said Elnashaie (the brother of pseudo-scientist Mohamed El Naschie) is a Kefaya official. His title is "Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator for Intellectual Dialog".

  2. I met George Isaac in Sofia - wonderful person...I`m respected!


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