Sunday, December 4, 2011

Interesting Video at interesting time

As we are busy in the elections race and with GanZ’s upcoming government we suddenly find this video surfacing online.

The moment the news sector broadcasted the step down speech of Omar Soliman on February 11,2011

This video was filmed in the Egyptian TV and Radio union building aka Maspero on February 11,2011 shortly before 6 PM where Major General Ismail Etman ,member of SCAF and head of the morale and public relations department in the armed forces came and presented by hand the video tape of Omar Soliman’s historical announcement that Mubarak was going to step down to the control room in the news sector.

Omar Soliman recorded the announcement of Mubarak’s stepping down at the SCAF HQ.

The first question I asked myself when I saw this short clip : Who filmed this high quality footage ? Is it the News sector !? Second question : Who leaked this video like that ? Third question : Why is this video leaked now ?

Another important question is why El Manawy had that look on his face ? It was as if he was going to throw up !? Also why that lady was crying in the control room like that !? To be honest me and my mom had cried when we heard the step down speech by Omar Soliman from happiness.

Historically this video is extremely important and most probably our grandchildren will watch it just like the newsreel showing the departure of King Farouk from Alexandria.

Now Major General Ismail Etman denies to have any kind of responsibility of leaking this video online from near or far despite he revealed that the one who filmed this footage was an officer from the army , from the Morale department he heads.

Logically I understand why Etman had to deliver this video tape by himself in this way and I understand why an army officer had to film that important moment but I do not understand fully on why this video was leaked or how it was leaked. My only interpretation is that it is another part of the PR plan SCAF launched to clean its damaged image after Mohamed Mahmoud battle. 

Despite all what I think about Emad Adeeb , the famous TV host and media mogul , I can’t ignore what he said yesterday on CBC channel when said that the problem in Egypt that the everyone from the revolutionary protesters to Muslim brotherhood to the army think that it is only them that made the revolution succeed describing what happened to be half revolution /half coup. It is worth to mention that the big Adeeb brought up the safe exist again in his show.

The complete interview of Emad Adeeb with Lamis El Hadidy

Ironically people wondered online on who shall step down after the big Adeeb’s appearance !? Adeeb’s last appearance on TV was on Dream TV I think days before January 25th where he criticized the parliamentary elections in 2010 and spoke about the safe exist for Mubarak.

Anyhow back to the ERTVU and ministry of information , SCAF has denied the news that it refused to let PM Kamel Ganzoury to change the minister of information Osama Heikal in its official Facebook page’s admin FB page !! Tahrir News claimed that SCAF refused that Heikal to be touched in the reshuffle on Saturday and of course this generated a huge criticism and people began to attack SCAF for the pseudo-powers it gave to Ganz.

Now officially Ganzoury is searching for a minister of information.

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  1. You are probably in the target interpretation. A semiotic reading from sign by sign (where the date of publication itself is a sign among others)--if "the medium is the message";-) the publishing online can mean: People has not made the Revolution (the great missing in this video). Military has made the Revolution even the use and holding of media. So: "pure manipulation" to reveal it as late as necessary just at the moment they declare their refundation instituting after the first elections, by refusing to pass all the power to the civilians. By this way confirming their official installation above civilians and by this way they confirm their "legitimate" new domination. (All the power supreme to Military).


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