Friday, December 2, 2011

The new Cabinet byGanz !! “2”

Ok and here are the semi-final list of ByGanz’s new cabinet , it is not a speculation anymore as supposedly these ministers will swear in tomorrow in front of Tantawy. Of course my expectations are true after all.

Again here is the list of the new cabinet ByGanz which is supposedly a national salvation government !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

The ministers from Mubarak’s cabinets :

  • Hussein Tantawy as minister of defense. “Of course”
  • Faiza Abu El Naga as minister of international cooperation. “iron lady indeed”
  • Hassan Younes as minister of electricity. “Did not I tell you !?”

The ministers from Sharaf’s cabinet :

  • Mohamed Kamel Amr as minister of foreign affairs
  • Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour as minister of tourism
  • Osama Heikal as minister of information.
  • Abdullah Gharab as minister of oil
  • Mohamed Salem as minister of telecommunication. “He was an army major general if you remember and was among Nazif’ men as well”
  • Goda Abdel Khalek as minister of social solidarity as well food supply.  As a reminder Abdel Khalek is regarded as a leftist
  • Ali Sabry as minister of military production. “Ironically Ahram Arabic gate says that Sabry is replacing Siyad Mashal , Siyad Mashal was already replaced by Sabry in the second reshuffle in Sharaf’s cabinet !!”
  • Hisham Kandeel as minister of irrigation and water sources.
  • Mahmoud Eissa as minister of industry.
  • Saleh Youssef as minister of agriculture.
  • Mohamed Abdel El Fadil as minister of Awkaf.

The new ministers byGanz :

  • Momtaz El Said as minister of finance. Mr. El Said was the undersecretary of the ministry of finance.
  • Adel Abdel Hamid as minister of justice. He used to head the appeal court.
  • Gamal Al Araby as minister of education. He is the first teacher to head the ministry from 25 years.
  • Wael El Degwi as minister of housing . El Degwi was the dean of faculty of engineering, Cairo university through elections. “He got in this election 75% of the votes” 
  • Abdel Messiah Samaan Abdel Messiah as minister of environmental affairs. He is a professor environmental awareness at Ain Shams university.
  • Siyad El Bastawisi as minister of manpower and immigration
  • Shaker Abdel Hamid Soliman as minister of culture
  • Hussein Khaled as minister of higher education
  • Adel Abdel Latif as minister of health
  • Mohamed Ibrahim as minister of antiquities
  • Nagwa Hassan Ahmed as minister of insurance and pensions

We do not  know who is the next minister of interior as it seems all the candidates and names proposed got bloody history, Mansour Eissawy was a catch after all !!

Over 25 ministers , why !? why 30 ministers for a transition period , for an interim cabinet !? Even if we are speaking about handing over power in June 2012 !? I do not see why we need 32 ministers , oh yes Ganz is going to have 32 ministers !!!!

Now the duo of Abu El Naga and Abdel Nour who supported El Salmi’s document as still in their places. I have got nothing though against Abdel Nour but the iron lady should be replaced by someone else. The Wafd party has still got two ministers.

Now I have a question is the ministry of environmental affairs now booked for Christians ?? Do not get me wrong but I notice that this is the 4th Christian minister to head the ministry of environmental affairs after Nadia Makram Ebeid and Maged George in the past 10 years !?

There are other Christians in Egypt who can serve as ministers in other ministries for God sake. Anyhow personally I consider this ministry , the ministry of environmental affairs as a critical one and I hope that Abdel Messiah tries to do his best.

The ministry of antiquities is back.

I do not think we need a ministry of culture or a ministry of information.

Moataz Abdel Fatah turned down the ministry of youth and youth. Our golden mermaid Rania Elwani denied the news that she was offered the ministry of youth and sports. Hady Khashba, the former Ahly footballer revealed that he was being nominated for the position. Khashba was among the few footballers that joined the protesters at Tahrir square during the 18 days yet he is not politically active like for instance like Nader El Siyad who is running for the parliament on Al Wasat party’s list.

Now interestingly enough there are army sources saying that Ganz will have president’s powers except what is related to the army and war. The sources added in the media today there will be amendments to the articles related to the cabinet and SCAF’s powers especially article no.57 in the constitutional declaration issued in March 2011.

We will know the rest of the ministers tomorrow , Ganz is still searching for ministers of interior , of youth and sports , of revolution’s injured and martyrs’ families’ care as it seems.


  1. A cabinet of stars. The dream team if you will. Unbelievable.

  2. Last August, I posted this article of mine on my blog:
    I belive that it still suits this sadly shameful situation. Ahmed El Nahas

    >>>>> Quote <<<<<

    Where is our Nuremberg?
    “I have the right to be angry, and to express my anger as I see appropriate for the given circumstance which initially triggered my anger. As long as my manifestation does not breach God or man laws”.
    Hassan Abu Ali – August 3rd 2011.
    Being angry for no reason or, even worse, for the wrong reason, as to substitute anger for frustration, for helplessness, or for despair; is the joy of even the inexperienced amateur manipulator, not to mention the skillful professional reactionary politicians and their lobbies who can and are using our youth’s anger to demolish the entire revolution.
    They still have the money, men, contacts and power to do so. See how they pressed the events from February 11th till now, allowing some to flee abroad and “Others” to settle their financial haves and, through foreign banks, shifting their fortunes to God knows where. And here we are seeing it live on television screens in the name of “Transparency and Free Information” in the form of that “Farce of All Farces”, and I mean the trial of the “EXs”. I say a farce because the trial should have been celebrated in front of a Special Emergency Court if not a Regular Martial Court, but surely not in front of a Civil Tribunal judging a minor crime or a misdemeanor.
    The ideal would’ve been the Emergency Court so that ‘They’ would be tried according to the very same laws they carefully tailored and lawfully served for so long. But I’d say a Martial Court because the governing body over the country is the Military Supreme Council, which entails Martial Laws Jurisdiction, and the charges are not a street fight or neighbouring dispute, we’re talking about mass murders, fraud, embezzlement, office abuse, conflict of interests, mismanaging public property (Lands, Gas and Petrol deals), corruption, torture, human rights violations…etc. The list is that long that, in a civilized country, should’ve brought justice in weeks, but after more than five months, and so many demonstrations, arrests, press conferences, meetings, interviews, debates, and declarations; here we are still at square one.
    Let me evaluate the situation as it is right now:
    • The Revolutionary Movements are being systematically weakened and sub-divided into powerless fractions ideologically and numerically through misleading mass control techniques. Just have a look at the various labels tagging their web-sites to realize the gravity of the damage. (I refer you to my post last week).
    • The Political Parties are being slowly driven towards frontal collisions over political crumbs, sectarian differences and ideological banners, thus shifting their aims from the main demand as claimed from day one by the people’s revolution which is simply: “the complete ‘Purification’ of the entire system in order to establish a whole new one structured to lead the way towards ‘Real’ Freedom and ‘Real’ Democracy”.
    • The Reactionary Forces (The Counter Revolutionary Lobbies) quickly overcame the initial shockwave of February 11th and reorganized their ranks to open a multiple fronts for the counter attack by using their followers still working in media, in municipalities, in governorates, in security forces, in intelligence agencies, on private TV screens and sympathising networks like the Saudi AL ARABEYAH. We have to realize that they are using every mean they have to orchestrate the music according to their tunes.
    • Foreign Intelligence Agencies operating in Egypt are not standing by watching the events, they are steering the wheel.
    History’s teachings are the only lighthouse for those, like us, who are seeking salvation from the darkness of evil and the turbulent storms of life. Unless we would have our “Nuremberg”, the worse may yet be waiting round the corner on the next turn.
    >>>>> Unquote <<<<<

  3. Of course it is not a true democratic constitution; too much powers are staying in the hands of the supreme council which does not share the decision in security and war, although it is question to have the body of the people (so they does not respect the human rights to decide what concerns them), but who wants to share all the rest with people and with government (even if "they cannot keep the cake and eat it", as Marwan Bishara has noticed in one of his articles in Al jazeera English already a week more ago, so they do it: what's abuses of the people).

    For another hand "islamic rights" what is not surely excessive but here it is ambiguous, because it does not mention that they must respect the international human rights for each one people whatever the sex and the age and the origin and the religion, nor refering to an annexe in which this would be quoted, but so that they can as well allow the integrist sharia (for the hand of salafism which is integrist even MB as majority has certainly the view of reformism) which is obviously xenophobic and sexist, more allow corporal punishment (the sum of which against the law of human rights can follow the rule of police and military in matter of torture).

    For another side If one of the constitutionnal rule is really to affect the seperate democratic powers since cabinet till people so the legislative is for create the law and ask a vote on it article by article. The law cannot anticipate its establishment.

    It is not a democratic constitution which protects as well minorities of beleiving as individuals in self-consciousness. It is a fake democratic constitution. (exactly my point of view).

    When Militaries liberated Portugal from dictatorship - in the nineties - the first thing they made was to restore all power to the civilians, including deciding the execution of security and the war, and in particular create the terms of a next constitution (in which the power of the military was not one above the democratic powers consisting into three: executive, legislative, judicial. Military cannot be a power but a force under the other constitutionnal powers. If it is a power: it is dictatorship in fact.
    For ending there are contradictions between the text of the constitution on independence of the power with the capitalist situation of Army in regard of tourism for ex. (like monopolistic the same as for textile?) - mostly egyptian economy.

    All is my view. I do not know how civilian Egyptians can understand otherwise but not other than a fake popular constitution.

    More overall: this new form of dictatorship does not protect people of a neo-liberal development of financial and of economy (on which we are fighting on in the western country as it made ruin the people by the cost of life and the destruction of the public services): exactly the gift from the military to the western rule (not he way of life but the global system) by the way the west grants this fake democratic constitution. Yet we knew it about Tunisia before their new revolution! So it is not a progress but enforcement of the hardest part of neo-liberalism under military rule (the Pentagone dream of rule which plays in the courtyard of the vectoral lobbies for the same rule in the USA and for all the world under the rule of it).

    Hope that revolutionnary seculars and MB - if they are really become reformist - will see that! They could have a united interest to disagree with this constitution.

    Sorry for my bad English.

  4. Anyway - whatever the elections result : the problem of the constitution in the frame of which they situated is : lack of civilian government (supremacy of the army). Lack of democratic or republican constitution or even Islamic republic does not matter as long as it cites the words of the Universal Declaration of Human UN (arabic)
    This would ensure the rights of minorities and even single individuals, be they political, religious, or agnostics, or atheists, or issues of gender equality, and whatever the origin of the people. If Egypt pretends stay a part of UN after the Mubarak falling, this new situation calls that the constitution must absolutely quote the international declaration of the human rights and citizen rights of the UN. It is the less than they can do. Can be islamic regime or not islamic regime this does not change the necessity to ally these international rights into the text or in annex.


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