Friday, December 2, 2011

About MB and the cabinet

After the results of the first stage in 9 governorates began to leak showing an undeniable and expected  , we found MB’s Mohamed Morsi telling that the Muslim brotherhood will form the government after the having the majority in the parliament.

Of course it was matter of hours when we found SCAF’s legal guru General Mamdouh Shahin firing back at Morsi and reminded him that the FJ party will not have the honor and form the government after the parliamentary elections.

The wise members of MB and FJ party next day denied that they are going to form any government because simply it is too early to speak about governments when the first stage results have not been announced yet. It was wise thing to say because the last thing the MB wants is to appear arrogant and to start the clash earlier with SCAF.

The point where SCAF and MB’s honeymoon will be over the parliament , the cabinet and the the powers of the parliament in my point of view . Also SCAF will use it to scare the people from any democratic transition power and this is what I began to see.

Now realistically speaking everybody must chill down because currently our political system is the presidential one according to the constitutional declaration issued n March 2011 till we have a new constitution. The constitution of course is another battle now.

I believe now some liberal or rather secular figures will support the presidential system or the semi presidential system so the Islamists will not control the government and country to the endless debate of Islamophobia. Already some of them wish that these elections are cancelled.

I believe the MB is not ready to form the government now and it wants that then it will be a direct fast political suicide because one thing for sure , Mubarak has left pyramids of problems in all sectors in Egypt especially the economic sector when it comes to the standard of living. 

I do feel threatened by the ultra-conservative Islamists’s views especially like the Salafists yet I will not trade democracy and reject it because first time elections which we all knew its results  from the beginning. We all knew that the the Muslim brotherhood will win in the elections because they are the most organized and spread political powers in the country. Since the Mubarak’s fall and the Islamists are working for this moment , I can’t blame them nor blame the people that did not know anyone political power in the street except the Muslim brotherhood.


  1. I stay convinced that something transitional with ElBaradei was failed by different way (even xenophobia) from the part of revolutionnaries. Because in a transitional government unified by EB: MB would have been part of a democratic transition--what is not the present situation. What gets me sad for you. Because I know the fact of elections in y country and that it does not give enough to become democratic. it needs more: a democratic constitution without supra-power (can be inside or outside). The key is the constitution, not really the presidential vote which will look the same as this one even you work otherwise.

  2. les salafis c 'est inquiétant eux veule la charria c 'est le retour du moyenne âge'
    l islam politique je sait ou sa va amené.
    sa fait déjà peur au occidentaux.
    est au touriste cars la la charria fait peur.
    les investisseurs eux s'inquiète.
    comment rassuré je craint la division entre islamiste non a au moyenne âge..........

  3. MB will not go to the battle of 'forming a government' right away. They will wait till Ganzoury's government shows signs of weankness and lose support from the people first. Any moves before that will contradict their previous claim of the 'road map' as in March constitutional declaration.
    Salafists will not vote for a parliamentary system. They already have a presidential candidate.
    Also, other major parties will not support parliamentary system since that will mean giving the country to MB on a gold plate!
    In the new constitution MB can dream of getting as low as forcing the president to choose the PM from the majority party, and as high as a semi-presidential system.

  4. ... and you have every reason to be afraid. For sure it is haram that a naughty girl runs a blog on the internet, same as Naguib Mahfous is a pornographic author and music is forbidden in Islam - according to the Salafeen.

  5. it's not Mubarak's problems that I'm afraid of, it is the bankers & westerns who will try to fail any successful Islamic economic experience.. affecting the whole country ofc, just as they did to al-rayan & al-shareef with help of the egy government before.

  6. Western is not a model as it is down. But the history of emergent constitutions from the revolutions can inspire. The problem of western being the dereglementation of capital, the question of the widely market, and the financial value, which make lost the constitutionnal rights from supra-laws such as Patriot Act or what they call security as well in Europa (in fact it is not our safety you know;-)... Whatever culture of different experiences of social and economic organization: every singular solution are always interesting from the moment they are not xenophobic racist or sexist.


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