Friday, December 9, 2011

Regarding Major General El Mullah statements

General Major El Mullah , the SCAF member had a meeting with foreign media last Wednesday night. He had a press meeting with exactly 4 American journalists including dear Kristin Chick and 1 one British journalist , dear Jack Shenker.

Of course next day the press meeting and what General El Mullah said to the foreign journalists made headlines around the globe , raised concerns and made the Muslim brotherhood represented in the Freedom and Justice party withdrew from that advisory council formed by SCAF from political powers and parties yesterday.

Now here is what Kristin Chick in the Christian Science Monitor and what Jack Shenker wrote in the Guardian about the press meeting and what El Mullah says.

Now here is what I think about what El Mullah : This meeting was a pathetic attempt to calm down the West that the Islamists will not take over Egypt in the most stupidest idiotic way ever !!!! El Mullah wanted to calm down the West as well the freaking out liberal and secular powers and parties in Egypt that the army will not let the Islamists won.

El Mullah said that the parliament does not represent Egyptian people while the other generals in the past two were urging people to go and vote because this is the parliament that will represent them !! Not to mention all the SCAF talk in the past two week was how they were proud with the high turn out in the elections and the Egyptian people are the greatest voters in the world to the end !!

El Mullah and the generals seem to be living in the 1970s as they think that what they say to the West will not reach to Egypt in matter of seconds of its broadcast !!

And actually in this stage the army budget is not on my mind now , it is another battle not needed in this current stage.

Now regarding the Muslim brotherhood move and how they withdrew from the council , well I respect it very much because honestly I think they will bring balance. If you want to see how the different in power between the MB and Salafists or any other political party including the liberal parties represented in Masryeen Al Ahrar and Al Wafd , just see how the MB withdrew from the advisory council. The Nour party , Maryeen Al Ahrar and Al Wafd parties have representatives in the council and they did not leave it. The Nour party did not leave because it is not ready to have stand against SCAF regarding democracy because other than it has got candidates who despise democracy , they know that they do not have the same power or the experience of MB to have this stand. It is worth to mention that the Nour party lost about 20 seats in the run offs mostly against the MBs.

By the way you must know officially the advisory council’s so called legislative role will end when the parliament with lower and upper houses start their first stage. Already I do not think that the advisory council will reach anything when we have the Nour party and Naguib Sawiris in one place.

You also must know that just like El Mullah, according to two trusted sources some military representatives met with Banks’ CEOs in Egypt from two weeks and calmed them down that the economic system in Egypt will not be touched. Of course the Salafists as well the Socialists will not like this. The Muslim brotherhood economic program is semi-neo liberal so there is no fear from them like the Salafists who claimed that will transfer the banks in Egypt in to Islamic banks.

Am I afraid from the military junta to turn against democracy transition like in 1954 ? Well I am not that afraid but let’s say I am concerned not only about them but other political forces as well including the young revolutionary groups as well.  I am not afraid because let’s just say with all the disasters and mistakes they have committed , SCAF is not as wicked or smart as the free officers in 1954. Again Mubarak learned the lesson since getting rid of Abu Ghazla or rather since getting rid of Sadat to be accurate.

Mubarak has killed the political intelligence in this country without doubt.

By the way I do not know why some people are dying to see the Algeria Scenario or the Libyan Scenario or the Syrian scenario taking place in Egypt including some of the radical revolutionaries “mostly young” who think that it is better to build from zero as if Egypt is a new nation that only united and took its independence in 1960s !!!!! 

One thing I know that regardless what if I truly love Egypt , I should avoid as much as possible with all the power I have got those scenarios and use God’s greatest gift to the human : My mind to think , think , think. Revolutionary emotions are not enough to run a state and this is why Guevara failed as a minister.

Side note : Now the guardian got an Arabic section now.


  1. The military officers are not clever. That's true.
    But they are not that stupid either. They are not making brilliant tricks, but that doesn't mean they are using none either.
    They are using the same old trick 'Divide and conquer.'
    They've used MB early in February and March, giving them some space. That triggered a polarization and the secularist freaked out and just tried to avoid the rumors of a potential MB-SCAF deal (MB takes parliament while SCAF gets their support for a presidential candidate)by offering a better deal for SCAF. That is Al-Selmi's paper.
    Now, they are using that same trick again.
    MB almost guaranteed a majority, though not 50%, but still they'll have the upper hand in drafting the new constitution.
    So, you've got to ask yourself the question
    As SCAF, how can I divide them more and more?
    It's simple
    Just make another council that stand opposite the elected one.
    Let them fight.
    Let the people lose faith in all of these parties.
    Divide more and more and more.

    SCAF are old veterans. Always try to think they'll have it in an old way.

  2. c 'est vrai que en occident on parle que du scores des islamisites est sa fait peur
    sur tout les salafistes avec le discourt qui a fait a la télévision est passé en france
    oui mais c est le choix du peuple c est sur un pays qui accueil le tourisme la le pays n est pas laïque est islamique.
    mais la constitutions si les islamistes mette la charia est la pratique'
    l islam est dans la contitutions mais faut savoir être modéré .cars l islam c est la paix non au sectarisme....................

  3. Egypt's past constitutions were not perfect but fairly good, the problem was it's lack of fair implementation.
    Does anybody think the new constitution will be implemented in it's true form when the average citizen does not even respect simple car traffic rules?


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