Friday, December 9, 2011

Syrian Revolution : It is not longer warning , there is a massacre in #Homs “Graphic”

There is on going massacre taking place in the city of Homs , it is not a warning by Syrian opposition anymore and unfortunately this massacre was partially transferred on air in Al Jazeera through the social network living broadcast before the electricity was cut off in the various parts in the city of Homs especially in Bab Amr area.

There has been currently an offensive launched by the Syrian forces to crack down the revolutionaries in the city that defied El Assad regime for months now since last Ramadan. Bab Amr and Khalidiya are being shelled by the security forces according to the news coming from there.

Here are videos allegedly uploaded from the city today showing the offensive earlier in various party of the famous city.

Homs : El Assad soldiers target buildings RPJ

Here is a protest in Hawla town in Homs governorate being dispersed by force today. Hawla witnessed several massacres this year.

Homs : A protest in Hawla

Here is an attempt by the security forces to disperse the protesters in Al Hamra area in Homs from protesting.

Homs : Protest in Al Hamara

From an hour ago reports came that 20 have been killed today in Syria so far : 11 in Homs , 5 in Idlib , 5 in Inkhil , 5 in Sanamian ,1 in Hama and 1 in Doma. According to Homs Revolution News Facebook News page there are 3 kids that have been killed in Homs and one kid from Sanamian in Daraa governorate. The page has published the names of the martyrs that were killed today so far in Syria. 

The video shows one of the children that have been killed today in his home in Homs may Allah bless his soul , 10 years old Maher El Hussein from Bab El Saba. “Extremely Graphic”

Homs : Late Maher El Hussein

Here is another graphic video from Homs showing three martyrs in hospital today I think including another kid.

Homs : 3 martyrs including a child

Here is a shocking video from Doma showing how the people there could not come out of the homes to get the body of their martyrs because of the constant gunfire of security forces.

Doma : Afraid to collect back the martyr’s body

There are also a lot of injured due to the attack of the security forces , here is a graphic video showing a young man shot in the hospital allegedly today after leaving the mosque in the Karam El Zaiton area."Extremely graphic +18”

Homs : A wounded from Karm El Zaiton area

Despite the offensive of the El Assad security forces, the brave Syrians are having protests through out the city. You can think the old Non Baath flag is officially adopted in every protest in Syria and outside it.

This video below was allegedly filmed and uploaded from Homs , from Karm El Zaiton area today. Today’s protest was being called “The strike of dignity Friday”

Homs : Protesters chant against Bashar El Assad and his father

Here is another protest in another part in town.

Homs : A protest against El Assad regime

Here is a protest from El Hamam area in Homs

Homs : A protest at El Hamam area

A high definition filmed protest in Homs

Another protest in Homs

Here are photos from the protests in Homs by tweep Samsom earlier today

According to Samsom last tweet he got no electricity or 3G connection or DSL and currently using Dial up connection

@5:00 Cairo local time

There are heavy rains in Homs , I think this will stop the offensive for awhile. According to the latest news coming from Homs the number of martyrs in Syria today has increased to 30 , half of them in Homs

There are on going protests also in Reef Dimshaq , Daraa, Latakia , Idlib , Palmyra , Hama and Aleppo as well. According to Syrian friends the turnout of the protesters was high today despite the cold weather.

Palmyra : A protest in the city of Zeinobia

Aleppo : A protest in Adanan

Idlib : A protest in Idlib
Hama : A protest in Tiba El Emam

I hope that Barbara Walters goes to Syria next week and ask Bashar El Assad again on who is attacking the civilians of Homs and killing their children now !!  Babs has the golden opportunity of interview another Arab dictator after Saddam, Mubarak and Qaddafi for ABC News. Amazingly in the interview I see another Arab ruler living in complete isolation , in an ivory tower other than that how on earth he would say boldly to her that most of the people who were killed were his supporters  !!!!  Babs described him right when she said that he was disconnected and not crazy.

Of course Babs forgot to interview the real manic who runs the Syrian Arab army death machine Maher El Assad !!

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