Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gingrich’s invented people : We are just getting started

And Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has called the Palestinians are invented people in an interview with the Jewish channel !! 

The Jewish channel : The Palestinians are invented people !!

Interesting the Palestinians are Arabs and part of the Arab community !!

It does not surprise me because Gingrich is from the most outspoken politicians in the States against Muslims and Arabs.

It does not surprise me because it is normal at the American presidential race that candidates kiss the AIPAC’s ass !! This is just the start.

Already I do not understand how this man can be the next president of the States while having relations with Muslims and Arabs not to mention how he is going to treat Muslims in the

Here is more historical background about the Palestinians , the name of Palestine, Canaan

By Gingerish’s standards and definition of “Invented people” the Americans are also, after all they are in the end a group of immigrants who came from all over the globe to live in land that from 200 years ago was lived and owned by native Indians !!

Speaking about Gingerish will bring us to Islamophobia , TLC has a new interesting Reality TV called All American Muslim which is about the life of different Muslim families in the city of Dearborn in Michigan 

TLC : All American Muslim

Now retail giant Lowe’s and Home Depot have pulled their ads from the shows by the request of the infamous conservative Florida Family association as the association believes the show has a hidden agenda to destroy American values !!!! I thinks toddles and tiaras show is much more dangerous on the American values than this show !!


  1. I am looking forward to the comments in this thread. :)

  2. The TV show would really do a lot of good in America. It would shine a light on the hate coming from the GOP Tea Party Republcans

  3. Newt G and the rest of the GOP Tea Party Republicans are the true radicals.

  4. Debbie Schlussel says Suehaila Amen: TLC “All-American Muslim” Star is Hezbollah/HAMAS Supporter, CAIR Activist. I know you guys don't like or agree with Debbie, but Hezbollah and Hamas are State Department designated terrorist organizations. Supporting them is not consistent with mainstream American values. I haven't see the show though. Toddlers and Tiaras looks pretty bad, I agree with Z about that.

  5. se monsieur est raciste islamophobie j ai vu sa hier mais lui il est juif
    les palestinien trouver on la liberté chez eux en palestine
    l'islamophobie il est en europe aussi' état unis les sondages montre les américain ne veule pas se mélanger au musulmans''''''''

  6. Haha. Nordite is practically my next-door neighbor. Small world. He's a leftard moonbat Obamabot, judging from his blog.

    @Nordite: Newt isn't a Tea Party Republican, you ignorant asshole. He's an old DC insider.

  7. @Zeinobia you have to understand that no American presidential candidate can have the slightest chance of becoming the president of US if he or she said that Israel is bad and Arabs are good. Look at president Obama and how Arabs and Muslims in US, including myself, thought that he will be the Palestinian saviour. He turned out to be one of the worst American presidents both politically and economically. I truly regret that I gave him my vote. I think John McCain would have been much better president. Back to Gingrich, I think he has a slim chance of winning his Party's candidate for president due to his past marital infidelities.

  8. Jonathan Edelstein12/10/2011 07:44:00 PM

    All peoples are "invented peoples." The reason nations are nations is that a sufficient number of people decide they are. Israelis are an invented people. Americans are an invented people. The Swiss are an invented people.

    What Newt needs to learn is that "invented" doesn't mean "unreal." The Palestinian nation is very real, as are all the others listed above.

    BTW, I really appreciate your coverage of Egypt and the elections - I've been a reader for a long time although I've never commented here before.

  9. I agree with Hazem that Newt won't get the nomination, but not because of marital infidelities. Instead because of perceived insider-ness that rank-and-file Republicans and the Tea Party are repulsed by. And he doesn't even have the backing of the GOP leadership. They want Romney.

    Ron Paul (a fringe candidate who also won't get the nomination) put out a devastating anti-Newt ad that shows why Gingrich is so hated. By the way Ron Paul should probably be adored by Zeinobia's readership. He loves Arabs and hates Israel.

  10. In the Saturday night Republican debate, Ron Paul disagreed with Newt about the Palestinians being "invented". Newt didn't back down.

  11. Too bad Obama is going to be around for 4 more years and the next one after that is going to be Democrat too. He really does get on the nerves of the ' lesbian experts'. Ha ha. He he.
    You see the country can't be f#@kedup by the GOP/Flea Party until its been fixed. It hasn't been fixed yet.

  12. @Pirooz, no US President has ever been re-elected with such a low approval rating, 43%, this close to the next election. It's the worst ever. Next worst was Carter with 51%, and of course Reagan kicked his ass and served two terms. See Obama's Approval Rating Finally Drops Below Carter's: Worst of Any President at This Stage of His Term.

    Who are these "lesbian experts" you are talking about?

    By the way, off-topic, the Israel Foreign Ministry has released three videos in a series called "The Truth About...". They are: The West Bank, The Peace Process, and The Refugees. Most of Zeinobia's readers won't like them, but I just watched the first one and thought it did a pretty good job explaining the history. See what you think.

  13. @Jason
    Your GOP presidential candidates is a reflection of your racist population who cannot tolerate a black man in the White House.
    2011 Quality of Living worldwide city rankings – Mercer survey placed the US in 30th place while Canada was ranked 5th....ASSHOLE!

  14. @Z
    Ask your followers to be more sympathtic to 'NEWT's remarks, after all with a name like his I bet he was beaten and tormented during his early school years.
    In other words....mal3oob fi assasoo.

  15. @Anonymous 01:17:00 PM. No doubt some people dislike Obama just because he's black, but not many. Americans dislike him because he has handled the economy badly, and pushed through the wildly unpopular Obamacare.

    Years ago in the USA there was a contest to make up a title for an imaginary book, the most boring book ever. The winning title was "Canada - Our Neighbor to the North".

  16. @Jason,
    It was Bush and his neocons who screwed the US and world through false wars and crooked economic policies and that is why he never leaves his nest lest he gets arrested.
    The US is corrupted by big business, lobbyists, the war machine, health industry racism and corrupt politicians and that is why your standard of living has been dropping since the 80's and the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer.
    The Chinese proverb goes 'MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES'.
    From a boring Canadian who is wealthy, healthy and happy!

  17. @Anonymous "that is why he never leaves his nest lest he gets arrested"

    Hehe. That may be the stupidest thing anyone on Egyptian Chronicles has ever said. Really, everything you said is moronic; to single that out for derision gives too much credit to the rest.

    "your standard of living has been dropping" USA world rank 7th, Canada world rank 12th according to Wolfram Alpha. Still better than yours, eh?

  18. Well the display of Repubican ignorance is boring and predictable, thats why I haven't followed any of it. Who cares what they say. Bachmans going to close the US embassy in Tehran. Won't that mean they'll have to close the Iranian Embassy in Washington? Are we sure we want to do that? It could lead to a rash of closures. The Indian one in Islamabad could go,next. Who knows where it'll end. By the way wouldn't Mitt be better off hosting Wheel of Fortune with Dana White? As for the Newt, he is promising a Contract ON America this time.Tough as steel. Oooh.

  19. @Anonymous 12:35:00 PM "the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer" New York Tmes, 12 December: The share of income received by the top 1 percent dropped to 17 percent in 2009 from 23 percent in 2007, according to federal tax data. Don't let the truth interfere with your boring Canadian narrative though.

  20. Zeinobia is making Gingrich's point "Palestinians are part of the Arab people." Gingrich didn't say that Arabs don't exist. He said that "Palestinian" is an artificial distinction, invented for political reasons. The corollaries, which Arabs prefer to avoid, are 1)the Big Bad Israel, with her six million Jews are not bullying a smaller "Palestinian" people. 350 million Arab antisemites are the bullies in this story, and 2) the Arabs of Palestine can be dispersed among their Jew-expelling Arab brothers, with no lasting harm.


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