Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#Jan25Two : It started with Marches on Jan23 !!

While the new elected people’s assembly had its first session on Monday , there had been 4 marches moving towards the parliament with the several demands.

  • One for the economic demands including the workers demands.
  • One for the freedom of creativity and freedom of arts
  • One for the martyrs and injured rights
  • One for the revolution’s demands.

Of course none of the marches reached to the parliament because simply the security forces blocked the way to the parliament peacefully and even  if they reached there , they would have met the supporters of both the Muslim brotherhood and Salafists who cheered for their MPs and secured the parliament.

Here are photos for the marches by dear Sarah Carr.

Revolutionary parliament march by Sarah Carr


  1. Gems:

    "Shafiq: Tantawi to hold higher position if I'm president"

    (Al Masr Al youm got the BBC interview Shafik confiscated!)

  2. The Parliament only had it's first sitting yesterday.............what is the point in harrassing them before they even sit down? The revolutionary movement is also inside the parliament - as are 11 women. All society is represented - why not let them just get on with it now? Fine, after a few months if nothing is happening organise the marches then. The marches and demos have become like the story of the boy who cried "Wolf!" When the wolf really came nobody listened to him and all the sheep got eaten up!


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