Saturday, January 21, 2012

#Masrena : Let have the presidential race start after the parliamentary elections

Referendum says civilian constitution
Masrena movement has issued an important statement last Thursday calling SCAF to open the registration for the presidential elections right after the end of Shura council elections on February 28,2012.
The movement announced in its statement that it surveyed its registered members “over 10 thousands” and more than 70% agreed on that suggestion.
This is suggestion already goes with the constitutional declaration issued in March 2011 after a popular and successful referendum , the constitution declaration which SCAF has totally ignored its results. According to the constitutional declaration we should have the parliamentary elections followed by presidential elections followed by drafting the constitution declaration.
The SCAF roadmap says parliamentary elections followed by drafting the constitution followed by presidential elections in June 2012. Already earlier this month one of the SCAF commanders stated that the registration for the presidential elections will be opened in April 2012.
If the registration for the presidential elections started on February 28,2012 we can have early presidential elections in May 2012.
The first session of the Shura council will be held on February 28,2012 according to the current roadmap adopted.
I support this suggestion and I think this suggestion should get wider support from more people.
On the other hand I can’t ignore the success of Masrena’s “revolution’s chains” as it managed to transfer the revolution from Tahrir square once again to different streets in Cairo and outside it despite the cold weather.
“Revolution’s chains” are simply silent stands along the vital streets where participants hold banners with slogans calling for democracy and the transfer of power to defend the revolution.
Here is Masrena’ FB page with the dates of the “Revolution’s chains” across the country.

Updated :

And the team that wants the people’s assembly to demand power from SCAF did not give up yet !! Here is an invitation in my district calling people to present a petition to our MP Dr. Amr El Shobaky to demand power from SCAF !!
I have one question : The parliament is a legislative authority while presidency is executive authority , if the parliament takes the power of president , won’t this be a contradiction of power !? 


  1. No Zeinab the Egyptian constitution states that the head of the people's assembly will replace the president of Egypt in case of his death. If you remember Sofi Abu Taleb became the president of Egypt for short period of time until Mubarak was sworn in as the new president. Yes I agree its a conflict of interest here but the worse is having the parliament drafting the constitution which will be a real conflict of interest.

    1. Well actually ya Hazem this was in the Egyptian constitution of 1971 not in the constitutional declaration we use up till now.
      The thing is that Abu Taleb only stayed 60 days according to the constitution , we do not have any constitution now :S

  2. Egypt should aim for parliamentary system anyway. Presidential system is always easily abused by small amount of people. Not to mention the idols-like-effect towards the presidential elections. Unlike in parliamentary system.

    "For example, in Eastern Europe parliamentary systems (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia) have been have been more successful in developing stable and balanced civilian control over the armed forces than presidential ones (Romania, Poland)."

    This is a guest post by Rabab ElMahdi, co-editor with Philip Marfleet of Egypt: The Moment of Change. -


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