Saturday, January 21, 2012

What is the Source of that image ?

This image showing Gamal Mubarak helping his father minutes allegedly before one of his speech during the 18 days of the revolution.

Father and Son

Those who are sharing it say it is from the American “Times” magazine “!!” , of course there is only one American “Time” Magazine and I can’t find this photo in its website.

I do not think it was published at the Times or NY Times also ,  I think it was leaked from Egypt after all.

If you know the source of the image , please tell us kindly what it is just for history.


  1. Hi Zeinobia, By comparing with these 141 similar photos you can see that it's from a Tuesday night February 1, 2011 speech. Notice the drape of the flag, curtain folds, etc., are identical, as are Mubarak's suit and tie. Other photos taken of the speech (but not that exact one) were widely published on February 2. They all look like they are high-quality screen grabs from the official video. They are certainly Egyptian in origin.

  2. This one in the series is labeled "Hosni Mubarak Foto: AFP/SCANPIX" which means AFP scanned it from the official released video. So, as I said, they are all scanned. The one you asked about, with Gamal, must have been scanned by someone with access to the full video including preliminary setting up, and not just the part that was aired. That would be an Egyptian official or news person.

  3. It is so obvious that it is a photoshop

  4. @Muhammad -- You can tell from some of the pixels and from having seen a few 'shops in your time?

    If it's a photoshop it's a superb job. Note the podium light reflecting perfectly on to Gamal's jacket sleeve.

    But it's not a photoshop.


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