Saturday, January 21, 2012

US presidential elections circus : Teach Iran a lesson to send a message to the Egyptians

She has to cry

One thing for sure the GOP candidates need good geopolitics lessons before they speak. Here is another GOP Rick in the race who got interesting views about the Islamists , Middle east as well Egypt yet unlike Rick Perry that Rick , Rick Santorum is advancing in the GOP presidential elections race. 

Rick Santorum believes that the US should send to the emerging Islamists in the countries of Arab Spring especially Egypt by giving a good lesson to Iran !! 

Santorum believes that despite Mubarak was a bloody dictator yet the Stateds sacrificed him to deal some radical Islamists , at least the States knew how to deal with Mubarak "Do not give a damn to the people of Egypt and their suffering despite they are more important than Mubarak"

It is worth to mention that Santorum attacked Obama on February 10th,2011 for supporting the Egyptian protesters against Mubarak ,the ousted president got a friend. He also described the Muslim brotherhood as A terrorist group as Al Qaida , the former senator does not know that US Ambassador Peterson has visited te supreme guide of the brotherhood at their fancy HQ in Cairo last week where she admitted that the US did some mistakes in the past !!



  1. @Zeinobia, the Ahram article is bullshit. "The ambassador said the economic situation in Egypt was difficult and the country needed to accept loans from the World Bank." Needed to? That is not something an ambassador would say, ever, and she should be fired if she said it. But she didn't, it's pure bullshit.

    I don't agree with Santorum's Feb 10, 2011 dismissal of the Egyptian protestors. But I do agree with this:

    He [Santorum] criticized the president [Obama] for not calling jihadism "evil" or sharia law "incompatible with with Western civlization."

    Ahram said:

    He [Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie] went on to say that Sharia law is the principle source of legislation in Egypt and is the biggest guarantee of freedom because it protects freedom of religion and personal freedom for all citizens.

    By "freedom of religion" I guess Badie meant dhimmitude, right? Apparently he said that immediately after Ambassador Peterson finished slobbering all over his d*ck while apologizing for being American. Well, enjoy this ambassador while you can. Obama's approval rating is setting record lows. The GOP is likely to win the next election, and she will be replaced.

  2. We all laughed at Perrys' total lack of knowledge of the Middle east over here. I'm almost sure if Santorum sat down with Al Qaida they'd find much in common. Two sides of the same coin but with different labels. Or as I like to call republicans here the American Taliban.
    I'll be sure to pass that last bit of information about the U.S. ambassador on to our progressive media.

  3. US Republican candidates discussing Middle East politics in presidential elections are actually competing to appease Israel. Some takes radical positions even on the Israeli standards. There is no shame here. Politicians repeat clichés and stereotypes fed by manipulated media.

    The image you posted of Santorum family speaks a lot. Example of nice looking family full of ignorance of the world. A fair example of the world claimed number 1 democracy!

  4. @Demeur - I am deeply sorry about your brain injury, neighbor.

  5. The expression on Santorum's daughter in the picture speaks volumes about her father.
    You are still an idiot.

  6. The "Supreme Guide" is always an old man. Iran has a Supreme Leader who ordered soldiers to rape political prisoners after they protested the stolen presidential election of 2009.

    Once a leader is "Supreme" he never retires or becomes not "Supreme" regardless of how many terrible mistakes he makes or how senile he becomes. God has blessed him with "Supreme Wisdom". In essence, this is monarchy or dictatorship.

    The "Supreme Guide" in the US has 8yrs at most, then he is not "Supreme" any more , becomes just like everyone else.

    I am sorry, Egypt will not get very far with this system. Its too ancient for the modern world and ends up damaging the people. Islamic parties will never lose elections because how can you vote against God, that is haram.So a neverending dictatorship.

    Iran does teach Egypt a lesson, look at 2009. There is a lesson there if you can see it.

  7. @Demeur, my Seattle neighbor, it's funny your reading comprehension is so poor (singling out the Taliban and Al Qaeda for disapproval) that you are unaware that many Egyptian Chronicles readers are big fans of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and other State Department designated terrorist groups. Typical of liberal faggots like you, supporting the death penalty for homosexuality. What a shame. Such self-hatred.

  8. My neighbor Demeur, by the way, if you check his profile, is a garbage collector. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


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