Saturday, January 21, 2012

Syrian Revolution : Idlib Massacre !! “+18 Graphic”

Idlib witnessed a massacre today with over 90 Syrians have been killed in clashes , explosion and God knows out !!  94 Syrian have been killed in the city of Idlib today !!

Here are extremely graphic footage showing bodies of Syrians killed today in Idlib at the city’s state hospital.

Idlib : The state hospital’s morgue-1
Idlib : The state hospital’s morgue-2

The Free Syrian army is fighting all day the Syrian Arab army in Douma , Reef Dimshaq. There has been rumors that the Free Syrian army has controlled the city but the activists denied it. From what I understood the clashes between the two armies are now all over the Reef Dimshaq governorate in several towns and cities.

Updated :

Now there is a rumor that the Free Syrian army has kicked the Syrian Arab army from the city of Douma in Reef Dimshaq.

There is no secret now that Qatar began to support the Free Syrian army , I will assume that Saudi Arabia is doing the same thing. The Syrian National council is demanding the LAS to refer the file of Syria to the Security council. I hate this game of Nations and powers when it comes to beloved Syria.

According to some newspaper I read from two weeks ago the United States is not pushing Bashar El Assad  to step down before it knows where that emerging revolutionary Arab world or rather Middle East is heading to. The US administration is waiting for the revolution especially in Egypt and Tunisia especially Egypt based on the relation with Israel to be accurate.

This is unfair without doubt and I believe whether this is true or not , it is not up to the States and El Assad but rather the the Syrian people along with God’s will.

Another thing I think I should clarify that LAS Secretary general Nabil El Araby’s only daughter Mai is not the wife of Rami Makhlouf , Mai El Araby is the wife of businessman tycoon of Citadel capital. Nevertheless there are business relations between Ahmed Heikal and his brother Hassan with Makhlouf because in Syria you must pass through him with out doubt. By the way a little tip SODIC and Mansour Amar got projects in Syria as well.

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