Sunday, January 22, 2012

#Egyelections : The results of the people’s assembly elections 2012

And the HCE has finally announced the final results of the people’s assembly elections , the first part of the parliamentary elections on Saturday , we finally got the final results of the three stages and here they are :

Hopefully I doing it right.

1- Freedom and Justice party got 228 seats in general.

  • Freedom and Justice party got 109 individual seats and 119 list seats.
  • Al Amal party “member of the FJ party alliance” got one seat
  • Al Hadra party “member of the FJ party alliance” got two seats { Mohamed El Sawy got one of these seats }
  • Nasserist El Karma “members of FJ party alliance got 6 seats
  • Al Wafd defected member Dr. Wahid Abdel Magid got one seat.
  • Accordingly FJ party and its alliance have got 45.7% of the seats, they can’t form a majority “50%+1” and they have to form an alliance.

2- Al Nour Salafist party and Al Nour list got 123 seats

  • Al Nour party and its list only have got seats 24.6% of the seats
  • Al Nour party got 25 individual seat only “This is extremely interesting and shows that they do not have an edge on the individual like in the lists”
  • Al Nour party list which includes Al Nour and two other Salafist parties got 113 seat.  Al Nour party got 98 seats while the other two parties got 15 seats only.
  • The Al Nour party got 108 seats accordingly “both individual and list seats”

3- Al Wafd part and lists got 42 seats

  • Al Wafd party and its list only have got 8.4% of the seats
  • Al Wafd lists got 40 list seats “The list seats saved them”
  • Al Wafd party got 2 individual seats only.

4- The Egyptian bloc got 33 seats

  • The Egyptian bloc got 6.6% of the seats
  • The Egyptian bloc got 32 list seats and one individual seat !!
  • The Egyptian Social Democratic party list got 16 list seat
  • The Free Egyptians party got 14 seats in the lists seincluding the individual seat of Downtown Cairo district “Mohamed Abu Hamed”
  • Socialist El Tagammou got 3 seats in the lists seat

5-The Development and reform party and list got 10 seats

  • The Development and reform party got 2% of the seats
  • The Development and reform party got 9 list seats
  • The Development and reform party got one single seat. “ Mohamed Anwar El Sadat seat in Monfia”

6- Al Wasaat party and list got 9 list seats

7-The Revolution continues list got 8 lists seats

8-The ex-NDP parties got 14 seats

  • The Egyptian citizen party and the National Egyptian party got 10 seats while “The freedom party” got 4 parties.

9-The Union party got 2 seats

10-El Adl party , El Salam party , The Egyptian Arabic federation party , El Arabi Nasserite party got one seat

Now by the Islamists parties including FJ Part and Al Nour party have got about 351 out of 498 seats in the people’s assembly “70.4%”.More analysis tomorrow insh Allah.


  1. 1. It's better for secular (civilian) parties to restore the old elections system, individuals in small districts(after removing the farmer/worker condition). Rarely did they succeed in winning more than one seat per list in the lists, while the enlargement of the individual districts made it virtually impossible for parties without deep support to win. The downside of this that it will allow ex-NDP to gain more seats than they won. Tarek Mostafa, Ali Moselhi and Mortada Mansour to name a few would have succeeded had the elections system remained 100% individual.

    2. It's better for Al-Nour party to have all the seats as lists. They have lost plenty of seats to FJP, because they couldn't get 50%+1. Should those votes were added to the lists however, they would have enjoyed more success.

    3. FJP is the clear winner of this sophisticated system! They enjoy good support in lists due to their existence within almost every village in Egypt servicing the poor, and they will sweep almost all the individual seats where the districts are remarkably this big. In Delta and Upper Egypt, there are no internal roads between cities and villages. Any independent candidate has virtually no chance at all covering this huge area. The individual seats in this system turned out to be actually easier for big parties than the list seats(excluding Cairo, Alexandria and similar cities where there are internal roads connecting the whole city)

    4. It's sad that the only individual seat for the Egyptian Bloc was at the expense of Gamila Ismail.

  2. I think your numbers are those of Al-Shorouk. These are not official numbers, but calculations of their own. I've got these "official" numbers from Aswat Masriya website. I think, they've written down what Ibrahim has said in a press conference.

    Democratic Alliance (FJP) - 235 (list: 127 / single-winner: 108) plus 7 compared to your numbers
    Al Nour - 123 (96 / 27) +/- 0
    Al Wafd - 38 (36 / 2) minus 4
    Egyptian Bloc - 34 (33 / 1) plus one
    Al Wasat - 10 (10 / 0) plus one
    Reform and Development - 9 (8 / 1) minus one
    Revolution Continues - 7 (7 / 0) minus one
    National Party - 5 (4 / 1) +/- 0
    Egyptian Citizen - 4 (3 / 1) minus one
    Freedom Party - 4 (4 / 0) +/- 0
    Union Party - 2 (2 / 0) +/- 0
    El Salam (Democratic Peace) - 1 (1 / 0) +/- 0
    Arab Egyptian Union - 1 (1 / 0) +/- 0
    El Adl (Justice) - 1 (0 / 1) +/- 0
    Conservatives (Al Mufhafezeen) - 1 (0 / 1) plus one

    The Arab Democratic Nasserists lost their list-seat because, in the end, they do'nt met the national 0.5% threshold at about 6000 vote (0.02%).

    Additonally, Aswat Masriya (or HESC) counts 23 single-winner MP's as "Independents".


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