Monday, January 2, 2012

#Mubaraktrial : Session No.13 or session no.6

It is session no.13 in Mubarak’s trial !! Can you believe it !? Session no.13 in the most boring trial of the century anyhow some says that this session no.6 of the trial of ousted/former president Hosni Mubarak in Cairo. There is nothing new to be honest , same old fights between the families of the martyrs and the security forces , same slogans calling for Mubarak’s execution as well the same old Mubarak supporters who want to be free once and return to rule the country and save it from the dark future waiting it including infamous Sheikha Magda !! 
Mubarak arrived on a stretcher as usual yet this time he is wearing a black sunglasses.

Cairo : Mubarak’s arrival to the court
Again there are contradicting media reports about the health of Mubarak and whether he should be transferred to Tora prison’s hospital or not.
And Alaa and Gamal Mubarak avec Habib El Adly arriving to the court.
Cairo : Alaa and Gamal Mubarak as well Habib El Adly at the court
Alaa Mubarak brought some plastic chair while Gamal Mubarak is holding a Holy Quran with him !! Habib El Adly is cool as ever as if he were on the way to the health club !!
El Adly modeling for GQ !!!!
According to Ahram newspaper on Monday the defendants’ lawyers presented to the court evidence that some of the revolution martyrs’ dead bodies got foreign features !! I do not understand what this means !? Do they mean that they are foreigner !? Ok if they are foreigners who killed them and why !? Not to mention where their countries are !?
The lawyer of defendant Ahmed Ramzy “6th Defendant in the shooting of the protesters case and former head of CSF” demanded the court to release of the defendants for health reason while the lawyer of El Adly demanded the court to summon General Sami Anan for testimony. “Some plaintiffs demanded the same thing” 
The court has adjourned the trial to Tuesday tomorrow to continue to start officially hearing the prosecution for the next three days , till the end of the week. Now all the country is ready to listen for the prosecution and what Abdel Magid Mahmoud’s boys got to say to incriminate Mubarak. Officially the prosecution stated today Mubarak and El Adly were not responsible for the shooting of the protesters at the police stations !! They were responsible for the shooting of the protesters at Egypt’s squares only !! “So the protesters who were shot at Kasr Al Nil bridge and Al Galaa bridge are not included in the cases !?”
The prosecution also stated that Mubarak and the rest of the police gang are being prosecuted for the shooting of 262 martyr and more than 1000 injured only !! According to official Ministry of health’s estimation we got 868 martyrs and over 6000 injured !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Needless to say the public prosecution either to go to hell or to heaven with what they are going to say.
Many people now believe that Mubarak will get away from the trial especially after the shocking court’s order to acquit the police officers accused of killing the protesters at “Al Sayida Zeinab” quarter in Cairo last Thursday despite there are video clips showing the officers while they were shooting the protesters !!!! The evidence presented by the prosecution office according to lawyers was not solid and that’s what I am afraid from in a trial like Mubarak’s.
Needless to say if Mubarak is acquitted ,I can say that it will be a real suicide committed by SCAF. Already the families of the martyrs promised to execute themselves if the court does not order his execution.
Here is Mubarak and gang leaving the court.
Cairo : Mubarak and gang leave the court
Cairo : Mubarak leaving the court


  1. Why would it be a suicide committed by SCAF??
    Those responsible will be the parliament members. Aren't they elected to get our rights?
    That's why SCAF did every thing they could to hold the elections in time.

  2. This is a farce, and everybody knows it, adjourned adjourned...

    Real change begins when people start to poke on SCAF privileges & corruption.

    What I fraid is same as Slavoj Zizek said today on AlJazeera English: "What I fraid is pact between MB and SCAF. Where MB controls the ideological schools and SCAF keeps it's privileges and corruption untouched." (I paraphrased this from live TV so not all words are exact but the meaning is)

  3. "That's why SCAF did every thing they could to hold the elections in time."

    Only to get a freaking puppet parliament so that they can keep running their corruption circles untouched.

    If you haven't read this yet: "The Army and The Economy in Egypt" English, Arabic

    Moments ago Mona Eltahawy tweeted the problem in Egypt succinctly: "Tunisia puts Bouazizi on a stamp; SCAF puts Egypt revolutionaries in jail, shoots them"


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