Friday, January 27, 2012

#Tahrir Friday of Dignity : The #Jan25 is still there.

Again we got a full packed Tahrir square this Friday , there are thousands currently in the square. There are about 7 stages set up in Tahrir square including the Muslim brotherhood stage and April 6th Youth movement.

MP Yahia El Fakhrany is in Tahrir square , the Parliament is supposedly going to distribute a statement in the Tahrir square today. Mazhar Shahin said a strong Friday Sermon today where he said and demanded the following :

  • Purging the media.
  • Public trials for icons of the Mubarak regime
  • Complete transparent audit to the Suez canal revenues and the Mubarak regime icons.
  • Parliament holds revolutionary trials for the Mubarak regime icons.

There are many marches heading to Tahrir today :

  • From Mostafa Mahmoud square to Tahrir square.
  • From Giza square to Tahrir square.
  • From Shubra to Tahrir square.
  • From Al Abassiya square to Tahrir square
  • From Maadi to Tahrir square.
  • From Al Azhar Mosque to Tahrir square
  • From Nasr city to Tahrir square
  • From Salam mosque to Tahrir square.
  • From Heliopolis to Tahrir square. 
  • From Cairo university to Tahrir square.

Here is a video shot from Tahrir square by Pierre Sioufi earlier this morning at 11 AM CLT.

#Tahrir : Overview Jan27 @11 AM

I think Sioufi did not imagine his flat would be the hot spot for the reporters and photographers from around the world. Mr. Pierre is also transferring on air from time to time from Tahrir square through Bambuser.

@1:12 PM CLT.

Hundreds began to head from Mostafa Mahmoud mosque to Tahrir square. “A photo shot by Maged Sherif”

Hundreds began to head from Giza square to Tahrir square as well by Hossam Hamalawy

From Cairo university to Tahrir square by Gigi Ibrahim

From Shobra to Tahrir square by Ziad Hawas

There are marches in Alexandria and Assuit as well.

@1:32 PM CLT

Thugs are attacking Al Azhar march and the police is watching !! The march had to be spilt under the attack yet there are no injuries reported so far.

@1:53 PM CLT

Here is a link for the Mostafa Mahmoud march in Bambuser.

Al Abaseya people are participating in the march by Nazly Hussein.

All the chants are against SCAF and military rule. I think protesters should focus on the military rule and leave Tantawy because it is not about Tantawy , it is about the principle itself.

Some irresponsible protesters thought of heading to the ministry of defense but the majority forced them to head back to Tahrir square.

@2:43 PM CLT

From Alexandria where the weather is extremely bad. The activists and protesters were planning to head to the TV and Radio building there but had to cancel the plan because of the bad weather condition.

Here is a snap shot for the march for the march in Mahran Bek street by Maged Butter

And this photo in the rain by Double Zam

There marches and rallies in the following governorates : Cairo and Giza “heading to Tahrir” , Bani Sawif, Tanta , Alexandria, Sohag, Assuit, Aswan and Minya.

Here is a march in Tanta by Lio.

@8 :51 PM CLT

There have been marches and protests against SCAF in Kafr El Sheikha, Damietta , Mansoura where clashes took place unfortunately between Muslim brotherhood supporters  and the other protesters from other political movements and groups over the stage in El Thawara square.

There were protests as well in Suez , Ismailiya , Sharkia and Port Said against SCAF.

Back to Cairo from several hours there was this march heading to the ministry of defense but it was stopped by the barriers created by the military police. The protesters had to leave and head to Tahrir square and Maspero after they were attacked by pro-SCAF mob.

Several marches headed towards Maspero and the numbers seemed to be increased compared by yesterday and the day.

Now to Tahrir square what I fear from took place and it seems that there have been clashes between the Muslim brotherhood supporter and the protesters. Of course after the short clash now the stage of MB attacks the military and says “Down with the military rule” , ‘Civil state , Civil state”. The actions of the MBs provoked many especially that they raised the volume of the Holy Quran to hide the voice of protesters chanting against SCAF !!

The anti-Ikhwan feelings are extremely high now among the revolutionary class and protesters , it is crazy , classical divide and conquer. CBC and Egyptian TV are focusing on these short clashes as division in the Egyptian political scene.

It started as a good day but now , well the Egyptian society diseases are crystal clear to everybody.

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