Friday, January 27, 2012

Syrian Revolution : #Homs is under attack “graphic” and “Updated”

The city of Homs is currently under terrible assault by Syrian Arab army “Pro El Assad army” now and I do not know what we can do know to save our families in Homs , yes they are our families in Syria.
The city is currently being shelled , it seems that there is a huge operation taking place against the people after capturing this group of Iranians in Homs. Here are some videos leaked from Homs short time ago. I can’t confirm these videos but there are sounds of heavy bombardment
Homs : From Bab Hood , you can listen to the live ammunition sounds
Homs : From Al Ansha’at area sound of shelling
Homs : From Baba Amr area , another terrible sound of shelling
The Farouk battalion following the FSA in Syria captured allegedly a unit following the Iranian Revolutionary guards in Homs today.
Homs : The captured Iranians
The Iranian and Syrian governments claim that they are tourists !! Well this is a strange time for tourism in Homs as far as I noticed !!!!!!!!!! From short awhile ago I found out that allegedly the Free Syrian army issued a warning to the Syrian government either they stop that operation immediately or they will kill those Iranians one by one.
The hospitals in Homs are demanding blood donation. The FB pages and twitter accounts are warning people not to fall in trap and go out of their homes in Homs if they listen to calls for “Jihad” from Mosques as the El Assad may want them to leave their house in order to have a massacre. Twitter and Facebook are full of terrible details , I fear that in the morning we will have a new Hama Massacre.
60 Syrians have been killed in Syria on Thursday , half of them in Homs and 10 of them are Children. The children of Karm El Zaiton , Homs are the martyrs of the day. 5 children were killed from Karm El Zaiton along with the rest of their family by the El Assad troops “+18 Graphic”
Homs : The children of Karm El Zaiton-1
Homs : The Children of Karm El Zaiton-2
Homs : The Children of Karm El Zaiton-3
I was planning to write more cheerful post on how Syria was in the heart of Tahrir square last January 25th,2012.
The Syrians in Egypt have set up another tent besides the LAS with a stage that had that replica of the famous Homs’ Horreya square. I heard later that famous Syrian activist Haytham Manna was there in Tahrir square and spoke to the public from the Syrian stage.
Yesterday I met a Syria gentleman at the Syria tent in Tahrir square who told me that Syria and Egypt are not two close countries but rather Egypt is just the extension of Syria and Syria is just the extension of Egypt. He also told me that most of the activists in this stage were from Homs.
Tahrir : Anti- El Assad folkloric songs in front of the LAS

One of the Muslim clerics said on the Muslim brotherhood stage that El Assad deserves to be killed.
Aside from the big long wonderful flag of Syria that roamed the square among the big amazing sea of Egyptian flags in a beautiful harmony , I found out that regular average Egyptians are extreme concerned about what is taking place in Syria
This video shows two average ladies , not revolutionary activists who warn El Assad of the ill fate of Qaddafi.
“One of the lady sent a message to SCAF to prove its good intention by purging corruption and Mubarak regime in Egypt”. These two ladies also do not welcome Pro-El Assad actors in Egypt especially Raghada whom they want her to be expelled as soon as possible.
#Jan25 : Two Egyptian ladies message to Syria and El Assad
The other video is a message from an ordinary Egyptian who wants to send a message to the Local coordination committees in Syria asking to follow the Egyptian example of organizing million man marches and protests instead of announcing a death toll everyday.
#Jan25: A message from Tahrir square to Syrian LLC

Of course that citizen does not know how much the LCC suffer in Syria yet his noble feelings towards Syria shows you that how much we care.
Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei is not going to Syria as it was announced in the media , it was just a suggestion.

Updated :

The statement of Farouk Battalion
The Farouk Battalion issued on Thursday a statement which is actually an ultimatum to Iran despite making clear that they respect Ali Khamenei and the battalion has not sectarian motives.  The Battalion has got one clear demand now : All the members following the Iranian Revolutionary guards have to leave Syria by January 28th “Which is tomorrow” in return of releasing the captured Iranians
The Statement says in the end that the Battalion has not declared all what it knew about the Iranian revolutionary guards to avoid embarrassment to the media.
Meanwhile in Cairo Tens of Syrians have already  arrived to Tahrir square at their Syrian stage and started to chant against El Assad.


  1. Off-topic for this post, but could be an important story. Reuters: U.S. outrage as Egypt bars Americans from leaving. [Senator John] McCain, in a statement referring to Egypt's ruling military council, said: "I call on the Egyptian government and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to cease the harassment and unwarranted investigations of American NGOs operating in Egypt.

  2. It's sick how there can be such evil people all because of greed. I have faith that the age of greed is finally coming to an end, but sadly through much bloodshed. I live around many ignorant people that don't care until things effect them, but I try to teach them. Many don't deserve the great things they enjoy, I hope it is taken away, even if it means me included. Only if we didn't supply so many countries with weapons and make money from drugs. I know that the universe tends to unfold as it should, but we should at least try to make the world better for the children


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