Friday, January 27, 2012

#ElBaradei tweets a new transitional Plan For #Egypt

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei tweeted last night on Thursday a new roadmap for the transitional period in Egypt which he proposes and hopes that it will get approval from all political powers
  1. The parliament would elect an interim president.
  2. Forming a provisional assembly immediately after electing an interim president.
  3. Drafting a constitution that ensures the civility of the state and citizenship rights as well freedoms.
  4. Electing a president after drafting a constitution as now the president’s power will be specified.
  5. Electing a new parliament based on the new drafted constitution.
I think this is an attempt of Dr. ElBaradei to bridge between those who want to have a presidential elections first “including myself” , those who want the parliament to take over power and those who want the constitution first. It is a good suggestion but again there are two questions :
  • Who will be that interim president elected by the parliament ? And how we can trust the parliament in the first place and its majority party ?
  • Why would the parliament  accept this scenario when it knows that it is an interim parliament and a new parliament will be elected ?
Nevertheless I think we should discuss this roadmap carefully.
P.S I do not think that there is no country in the world that uses the social media for politics as we do in Egypt !!


  1. if I can advise you one thing this would be it! CONSTITUTION FIRST.

    I know, many people are giving advises and who the fuck are they and what the hell do they understand about the complicity of Egypt to spread insights?!?

    So yes I'm not entitled to give advises but as someone who really care about Egypt and maybe because I'm not emotionally involved I can look at the whole picture from the outside and share this advice (if it's not too late) CONSTITUTION FIRST.

    Revolution is a war (with weapons or without weapons). It started in Tahrir which led to the overthrow of the head but the war is not in Tahrir or against certain people. The war is for your own IDENTITY. This is the essence; the rest is the symbols/symptoms. Constitution = Identity. The practice will adapt itself to identity you'll choose.

    The only way to fight this war correctly is DIVIDE and CONQUER. I know that SCAF became the essence of Evil but a year after the revolution has started it's time to put the emotions aside and play this war from a very rational way. You "lost" the parliament but you didn't "lose" your new identity yet.

    For saving your identity (which i believe is Democracy, Civil -State, Bill of Rights - protecting the natural rights of liberty and property and Islam as state religion and the basis for legitimacy) you need to work WITH SCAF to draw ASAP new constitution and after achieving that you will work with the 70% of your parliament to show SCAF, gently the way out and breaking their monopolies in the Egyptian economy to implement the identity on the ground. Otherwise it won't be possible.

    if you put AGAIN all the power and authority in one basket (the president hands)before u draw a constitution u just repiting history - Don't

  2. Apparently Al Azhar is going to release a statement tonight in line with El Baradei for immediate handover to interim president because of chaos now with SCAF and the country slipping into madness.

  3. I was/is a supporter of ElBaradei ideas, but the idea that the parliament elects the president (interim or not) is a regression from a right we got in 2005 to have the president elected directly by the people!
    The parliament, controlled by the Islamists parties, look like they have no intention at all of being an "interim" parliament ... since the first session all their actions suggest that they intend to stay the whole period (5 years) as stated in the interim constitution. Even some politicians from the Horreya and Adala party (MB) suggested that the constitution will not be very different than the 1971 constitution, only some alteration to presidential powers...
    The Muslim Brotherhood understand very well the amazing powers they have if they keep the old constitution as is, to the limit transfer some powers from the president to the Parliament. Again a despotic state! what the Egyptian people need is limiting the powers of the state, being under the control of the president or the parliament makes no difference, and more power to the people .... " Power to the people" is the solution

  4. " P.S I do not think that there is no country in the world that uses the social media for politics as we do in Egypt !! "

    Sure !

    Take care; best wishes.

  5. At least El-Baradei has a plan of action. It may not be perfectly right but it would be preferable to no action. Constitution or President? Why not both? The constitution will be time consuming if it is done properly. Meanwhile a
    provisional, interim president on a single fixed term of say 3 years would give the country a recognizable individual leader who could make a limited no. of decisions :( 1)ensure the constitution is drawn up fairly, properly 2)get the economy on track 3) represent Egypt diplomatically 4) seperate the military out of the court system.

    This would be a 2 or 3 stage transfer of power. The 1st President must be selected for one strictly short term. Why?
    Because under the conditions he would not be an "elected"
    leader. Another option is a civilian team with no president to make short -term decisions.

  6. من وجهة نظري البرادعي افتقد الحكمة تماما في توقيت التصريح ده.. مش معقول بعد ما الناس تصوت على إنه مجلس شعب دائم نقولهم لأ معلش ده هيبقى مؤقت.. وبعد ما يتفقوا على خريطة طريق معينة في استفتاء مارس نقولهم لأ الترتيب هنغيّره..

    التصريح ده مش هيزيد غير الاستقطاب والفرقة تاني بين المصريين ومزيد من وجهات النظر المتضاربة..


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