Sunday, January 22, 2012

What is taking place in Libya ?

What is really taking place in Libya ? Yes we got a lot to care about in our home but our neighbors got a lot of noise that we should pay attention to at least for the sake of the national security not for the sake of meddling in other countries’ affairs.
The NTC seems to have very , very hard time and ironically Abdel Galil is being accused of lots of charges above them the lack of transparency. NTC Deputy chief Abdel Aziz Ghoga has resigned after the storming of the protesters including the families of the Libyan martyrs to the NTC headquarters last night.
The protesters outside the NTC

The families of the Libyan martyrs storm the NTC
Abdel Galil tried to calm down the protesters,  I wonder if Abdel Galil was the Essam Sharaf of the Libyan revolution.
Abdel Galil trying to calm down the protesters
I found this message on one of the Libyan FB pages and strangely the Libyans began to suffer from the same problems we are complaining from in Egypt ironically. It is like a copycat and what makes it worse is that the Libyans got the money !!
Making fun of NTC sounds familiar to me
What is that Supreme council of Libyan forces ? What is that Libyan SCAF ? What is that ? Already there are many questions regarding the Libyan defense policies now and actually the future of the Libyan army and its weapons. For weeks I am reading complaints from Libyans , the ordinary Libyans from the armed militias behavior on FB pages.  I do not know where is the truth regarding the reports about NATO constant control on the airports.
Needless to say Egypt has become a hot spot for smuggled Libyan army weaponry now !!
Now the Qatari and Emirati businessmen are allowed to invest in Libya without Libyan partner like in the days of Qaddafi. I do not if this is implied on all foreign investors or not. Libyans are worried from these changes and fear from monopoly. It is worth to mention that in the Gulf as I far as I know and I studied you need a local partner and that’s why we got big rich clans working in commerce aside from the oil fortune.
I just hate the fact that we are in the shade now , the only thing I know that Tantawy refused the topic of the foreign military bases in Libya as one thing of sure the people of Egypt and the Egyptian army will not accept any foreign military bases in Libya just like the Libyans.
We know the price of the Libyans have to pay for the international support will not be small. I am praying that they do not have pay more than they have paid for their battle from freedom and democracy.

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